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I recently passed the anniversary of my first career. At the ripe age of 18, I joined the US Army to “Be all that I could be”. It was a huge part of my life. I did not grow up dreaming of serving in the military, but rather saw it as an opportunity to leave small town, USA. After 4 Years, I was committed to it, and decided that I would make it a career. In the Army, a career is 20 years. Therefore, at 38 years young, I “retired”. Of course, I had three kids in the house and needed to eat, so I started a new career.

I had success in the military and wanted to make it big, so I switched over to Healthcare Recruitment. I ran a fairly sized Travel Nurse company for 5 years and learned a lot form the experience. It was not my company, so, in time I realized I should move on.  I found myself searching for a new career. I was at a point where I did not need to be rich anymore. Nor, did I need to conquer the world.  What I needed was to feel useful; and pay the bills… A career that I enjoyed.

I searched far and wide and ran across an opportunity with Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Health Administration needed someone to manage the healthcare recruitment-marketing program and I needed a new career. The more I learned about it, the more interested I became in the position.  Now, after being here 4 years, it is the best place for me. I feel privileged doing what I am good at, for Veterans that I love to serve.

I tell you my story, as I am sure I am not alone. Many professionals are at the later stages of a great career or are running out of steam in a dead end job. The VA is a great place to revive a career. While many professionals start their careers at VA, many also find VA is the perfect fit to refreshing themselves in a new career. Just like hitting the refresh button on our computer, we get a fresh start. We take everything we have learned and apply it to a great cause that brings daily rewards and satisfaction. I encourage you to look at the many opportunities available in VA, especially for Doctors. Recent studies demonstrate a high risk for Doctor Burnout and change can bring improved quality of life and career.

Come learn more about quality work life balance for healthcare providers TODAY!

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Published on Aug. 23, 2012

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