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I once heard a joke about perception and reality that explained the difference very well. While I cannot share that joke in this forum, I can share a thought with you.

Today we hear something new almost every day. We hear about benefits, entitlements, obstacles and forecasts for the job market. If we buy into those we would all be unemployed and starving to death with no end in sight. On the contrary, we did not build this great country on the dreams of losing. We win battles KNOWING we will win. We save lives KNOWING we will get someone breathing again. We even win football games KNOWING we will win.

I encourage everyone to take a good look at your perception of your future. Is it bright? Do you have a plan and a goal that you are working towards? Are you positive? Are you the person to others that view you from afar that would want to hire you or promote you? If you are a Veteran, you are. Every day the percentage of Veterans gets smaller than the next. Veterans now make up just 1% of our total population. Recently, we have heard much talk about the 1% of the financial scale. Truth is, we are all 1%. Having been around the world a bit, I can say, we Americans are fortunate to be among the top 1% of the world. Okay, some may be less, but you get my point. We ALL have the opportunity to be in the 1%.

Therefore, no matter if you are a Veteran or not, it is your perception of your future that creates your reality.

Be sure to review our Job Search series often. And remember, it all starts with you!

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Published on Sep. 11, 2012

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