Veterans Day 2012No matter your occupation, race, age, sex or even location, job seeking is not business as usual. Almost daily, I speak to highly educated professionals with vast experience ranging from Doctors to social workers to MBA’s. One thing is apparent to me; universities are not keeping pace with teaching relevant job seeking skills in today’s work place.

My first contact with most job seekers is an email that has minimal, if any, information in the message body. It may or may not have a Resume or CV attached. Remember, it is critical to make every inquiry and every application count. Review the blog post on taking a warriors approach to an ongoing job search and the complete series one.

One of the greatest challenges I see to a career search is location. I recently read an article about not listing your address on your resume. The question was, do you want the hiring manager to know that you are 1000 miles away before or after the interview? With today’s technology and changing workspaces, many options exist to how and where we perform our work. Of course, every occupation is different, but you get the point. It also means we should be open to where we work and live. America is migrating and changing daily. I imagine when we all had to ride horses to work, location was a key factor. But with “face time”, Skype, airplanes and cloud computing it is easier than ever to talk to Mom everyday from anywhere. On a personal note, I got my first text from my mother this week and am super excited for that.

I encourage everyone to spend 20 minutes per week catching up on career advice and Today’s career landscape. Be relevant, be current or be left behind.

PS: VA Careers will be sending out and promoting a special Thank you to our Veterans this weekend. Here is a post I shared this time last year.

Happy Veterans day!  Thank you!

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Published on Nov. 9, 2012

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