Ok, so I admit, I didn’t even look at it. I really do not have time to gaga over some fuzzy cute animal I am sure to see 4,000 times on Facebook by Monday… 

Really? It amazes me is how easily Americans are distracted or discouraged today. I teach my kids a simply rule, “Stay Alert, Stay Alive”. While we are not in a combat zone, you do need to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to current events and methods.

The purpose of this Blog is to provide career advice, primarily that which will enable you to get a job at VA. Over one million Vets are enrolled in college right now. Tuition Assistance is being turned back on and all will be graduating in the future and applying to open positions. If you are being alert right now, you will notice that American Veterans are getting educated in the thousands. That means we had better be doing the same thing.

If you have obtained your education and licensure to practice health care at VA, you are either working for VA or plan to in the future. This means your competition will increase as more and more students graduate from college. Veterans will grow in VA as they complete training and educational requirements with Veterans preference.  Non- Veterans will find it more challenging in the future to compete with this growing population of educated Veterans. I predict that the number of Veterans in college will increase, along with executive positions and elected public service positions; and I feel that is good for America and for Veterans.

Today is the time to either get started at VA as a health care provider or to complete your education to work at VA in the future. While VA may not be a full career for all, it should be a part of every health care provider’s career path.

Visit www.VAcareers.va.gov today and learn more about positions open today or www.Gibill.va.gov if you need to use you education benefits.

Stay Alert- Stay Alive!

P.S. I prefer cows…

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Published on Oct. 21, 2013

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