I remember when I was a small boy living in Lovington, New Mexico, I would watch cartoons after dinner in the winter. It got dark early that time of year and of course that meant a choice of about 5 TV Channels or pestering my sister. So, television worked out great for me until Dad came into the living room where our only television was, and switched over to “the NEWS”! I hated the news!! Can you imagine how boring the news was in Southeast New Mexico? The news came from the “Big City” Roswell, and, not only was there nothing to do in Roswell for a boy, but there was even less happening in Lovington. After ruining my night, Dad would then spread the newspaper up and across his chest clearly blocking his view of the television. There was absolutely no way for him to see the news from that angle. So I ask, why was I subjected to such torture and denial of cartoons, if he was not even watching it?

I am obviously not over that life back in the wild 70s. But today, I am a Dad and I rarely get my news from the TV. I get mine from the internet, just like most professionals do. I keep up with all my friends and family on Facebook, my peers on LinkedIn, and I get my current events and random political harassing fix on Twitter.

Today, when people search for a job, they look everywhere. Even if they aren’t searching for a job, the jobs appear on search engines, company pages, advertisements, and when they trigger the eye, it makes us think for a second about “what if” or “do I know someone who would like this job?” We then are provided a simple method to share that job opportunity with others or to send to ourselves to follow up with later. Either way, America is online. People search for jobs how and where they live their lives, socially. And that is why VA is on Social Media, because we have to be to stay relevant, to reach people where they spend the greater part of their days.

So be sure to join in and learn more about VA Careers on each social media site. Most departments and facilities have their own pages that focus on specific regions or topics. Then we can let the kids watch a cartoon every now and then.

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Published on Dec. 19, 2013

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