On Memorial Day I attended a local tribute to honor our fallen. What was unique about the experience was that we were all united in that time. Young and old, rich and poor, left or right, we were all there to honor the fallen.

That is what I like most about working at VA—we are united in serving Veterans. Every day I get to work to improve care for Veterans. I am but a Marketing Manager, but I am also a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant who enjoys serving fellow Veterans and has a responsibility in the recruitment of top health providers to work at VA. Every day I read the news, listen to my fellow Veterans at work and off duty and then I try to do my part to share the VA Employer Brand.

A preferred employer attracts top talent dedicated to those they serve.

A preferred employer attracts top talent dedicated to those they serve.

When an organization is perceived as a Preferred Employer, it attracts quality talent. When President Obama took office, he stated he wanted to make it “cool” to work for the government. To some extent that has been achieved; in other ways, I believe we still have room to grow. But I believe there is no place better.

We often hear about things and people that make headlines. When I title this post, I do so in an attempt to gain the most clicks and shares. I do that to gain traction and promotion. Sadly, many of the most popular headlines use shock value and startling statements far too much. Today I read this: Veterans aren’t the only ones waiting for health care. Not as provocative as most that you will find discussing Veteran issues, but it brings real light from someone that has done significant research into VA Healthcare, and sees the benefits of a system such as this:

I would like to imagine a world in which the hospital where my late wife was treated for breast cancer had an inspector general looking over that hospital and two committees of congress charged with scrutinizing quality of care in that hospital and there were broad-based citizens groups that had their rank-and-file going to that hospital and reporting on anything that went wrong and making it national news. I think if we had that we would find a lot of dysfunction in that system — but we would also make American health care better.

– Phillip Longman

I urge Veterans and Healthcare Providers to read Mr. Longman’s comments and see why he believes that VA is the “Best Care Anywhere.”

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Published on May. 27, 2014

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  1. Chicago MHA July 15, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    The VA is my first career choice as a recent graduate. As the most advance healthcare system in America, the VA has so much to offer while also allowing contributions that benefit US veterans. Great opportunity!

  2. Michael Baney July 6, 2014 at 8:53 am

    I personally have been placed on those “waiting lists” and I have done nothing to deserve this awful treatment. The VA management knows that they have been caught shorthanded, and now we are suffering. We veterans and the VA have known that there would be about 1 million or so new veterans accessing VA healthcare as the 2 current wars winded down. I have officially cuts ties with VA healthcare. As a disabled, retired veteran, I have just hired a private doc and will NEVER return to that chaos.

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