VA Careers is dedicated to the recruitment of the finest health care professionals to care for our Nation’s Veterans – and has a team of recruiters working for this purpose on an annual basis. For those efforts we process over 1 million applications yearly and hire an estimated average of 44,000 annually.

In the recruitment arena, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is lack of communication between employers and jobseekers. That’s correct – employers across the board, not just VA. If you read about the application process at varying organizations, almost always, a lack of communication is a major problem. A news article mentioned, “Not responding to their applications” as the #1 complaint among surveyed jobseekers.

Also, being told, “not qualified” is among the top 10 also. Within VA, there are many that feel Veteran Preference does not allow a non-Veteran to get hired, while some Veterans feels preference is non-existent.

The reality is that all hiring could be improved in America. That is why it is up to the jobseeker to manage their career path. A First Sergeant mentor of mine gave me great advice, “No one cares about your career like you do. Follow up.“

There are many methods to improve your “game” as a job seeker and many of the topics are touched on here – A Veterans approach to a job search. I encourage you to review the career advice and become an expert job seeker.

Lastly, do not get discouraged. As individuals, we cannot control all aspects of a hiring process, but we can ensure that we have done our best to demonstrate our qualifications and willingness to an employer. It may take one application, it may take 100, but there is a position for everyone. When a good fit is made, both the jobseeker and employer are responsive.

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Published on Mar. 31, 2015

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  1. James K. Rasmussen April 3, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    I To think this is a Big.. Lie… Yes, we do Hire (Veterans).. But in the largest since we only hire the Yong Veterans that just Return from.. Iraq/Affganastan.. Yes, There still are some old Veterans are still willing to go back to work/contribute.. Myself is a (60yrs) old (USMC Veteran… W/19yrs in the (USPS)..(17yrs) (USMC)… and (8Months) as a (GS/4) for an (USNaval Hospital.. (27yrs) Total. Also, Note Myself has been turn down (Denied) to Raise my (VA-Rating) (50%).. I have been TURN Down twice for (SSDI) They said It was Not Warrant to Received (SSDI) NOT (SSI) For People has Not work in the entire Life. I have a Apply for an (GS/4/5) Job in the state of (Vancouver, Washington). That was over (10 Months).. I made it in before the Dead Line… (NO Reply) No Respond…. Thank You..???

  2. Don Clayton March 31, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    I keep asking Governor Snyder why does the state of Michigan hire foreign people over qualified Americans and over qualified veterans after YOU said that YOU WILL hire veteran first? He refused to answer!!!
    YOU keep saying that YOU have order the state to hire Veterans over others. But that a BIG lie like all [redacted] lies!!! They HATE veterans because most of them are draft dodgers!!!!

    Ask [redacted] Michigan DEQ – Air Quality Division. I applied for a job with the DEQ as an Asbestos inspector I have 27 years experience in with a BS degree I was told that I was not qualified… She haired one person with no experience and one person that I heard is a Canadian!!!! She did offer me an interview only AFTER I filed a complaint and after she had filled the positions

    • Gary Hicks April 1, 2015 at 7:14 am

      Mr. Clayton,

      I removed the political comment as well as the Michigan employees name. If you are not OK with these edits, please leave another comment and I will email you directly. Our disclaimer is located at

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