Working together, the men and women of VA give our Nation’s Veterans the critical health care they need to live fuller, more active lives.

This spirit of complete care and healing is the subject of VA’s latest TV commercial – “Together VA.” It centers on the real story of Dana, a Veteran and co-founder of an amputee surfing group, who learned to surf again thanks to his treatment at VA. The commercial features only VA employees—real health care professionals who make recovery possible.

Dr. Sharon, a physician with the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, began her career at VA as a medical student, and then a resident. She now works closely with Veterans with polytraumas and neurological conditions. In her role, she cares for Veterans after they’ve received acute care and are transitioning back to healthy, independent lives.

“It’s not just about getting them better physically,” she says. “It’s about bringing them to their previous level of function, or as close to it as possible, so that they can return to their daily lives.”

During medical school, a family illness changed her focus from dermatology to physical medicine. What started as a personal mission to help her father recover from a stroke turned in to a passion for making a difference in the lives of patients with similar paths to recovery.

Dr. Sharon realized early on that she enjoyed working with the Veteran population. That interest, combined with a desire to be in an academic, teaching environment, makes VA a perfect fit for her career.

“When you have that connection with the patient, it goes beyond just being someone’s doctor. You realize that you’ve actually helped someone, they’re thankful and appreciative, and it makes your day so that you’re thankful. It’s makes it worth it.”

Thank you to Dr. Sharon and the many VA health care professionals who make a difference—together—every day. For more information about careers at VA, visit

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Published on Apr. 3, 2015

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  1. Erik Chase April 7, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    I have been examined by this doctor, Sharon is her first name, a few times. She is pleasant compared to the other MD in the polytrauma clinic, but the story makes things better than they really are. Every time I have had an appointment its in a small office that is furnished minimally – not in an ER or well equipped area as in the picture. Dr. Sharon takes a good picture without her glasses, but this article should be about getting the best doctors and not giving a fantasy image to recruit doctors.

    I have met a select number of doctors that really care and are straight forward with patients – Dr. Sharon isn’t one of them in my opinion! She is better than some, but not the best and that is coming from a veteran who’s been her patient here in Los Angeles, CA. I’m still waiting for Dr. Sharon to make a difference!

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