As one of the 14,000 physicians employed by the Veterans Health Administration, Dr. Jeff Brooklyn believes that the highly advanced technology available to VA employees helps elevate the level of care provided to the patients. As the primary care physician in charge of spinal cord injuries at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System in Las Vegas, he describes the situation at work as “Very high-tech and high-touch,” as he deals with a complex group of patients on a daily basis.

Programs like the Bar Code Medication Administration System available to VA employees ensures that the right medicine is administered to the right patient at the right time, simplifying the procedure for physicians and enabling them to have more face time with their patients. It also helps VA manage over 75 million outpatient visits each year. Use of electronic information and communication technologies also help in providing care to Veterans living in remote areas, and empowering them to make changes leading to better health and outcomes.

VA has always played an important role in the invention of new technologies. The Computerized Patient Record System has earned Harvard’s prestigious ‘Innovations in American Government Award’ and is regarded as the best electronic medical record system in the nation. VA physicians and researchers have also been prominent partners in the development of the cardiac pacemaker, the CT scan, the radioimmunoassay, the Seattle Foot and other advancements in artificial limb technology.

High-tech solutions, when integrated with a patient-centric approach to care has proven to be immensely effective and efficient, as Dr. Jeff talks about one of his cases, “We got him to the hospital, got him treated, he came back that afternoon and said ‘Hey Doc! I’m good to go.’”

VA is committed to the development of resident physicians, as well as other trainees across a wide variety of health professions. To learn more about how VA can support your career, visit


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Published on Apr. 16, 2015

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  1. Curt Crafter April 27, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Technology has become ever present in clinics and hospitals these days, from automatic appt reminders, to available communication with doctors using a version of MyChart, to automatic ordering of prescriptions. It really is amazing and I’m sure doctors are saying if only scripting can be more accurate and easier! I agree that technology leads to more face time and that’s what everyone needs, especially our veterans.

  2. Vijay April 20, 2015 at 11:18 am

    It is a good approach to commitment to the well being of the veterans.

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