July 21 marks the 85th anniversary of Veterans Health Administration. And through the years, our mission has never changed – to provide the best possible care for our Veterans. Despite our accomplishments, we are more passionate than ever, and we need talented and dedicated health care professionals like you to help us forge ahead into the future.

To help our Veterans heal, VA has remained at the forefront of medical research through the decades. From effective tuberculosis treatments after WWII to the invention of the implantable cardiac pacemaker to the first successful liver transplants, our researchers, physicians and nurses have developed and implemented life-changing care for our Veterans. More recently, VA has made groundbreaking advances in paralysis and prosthetic technology, cancer, PTSD and Alzheimer’s disease research. At VA, your talents can contribute to our next breakthrough.

Our aim to improve lives extends beyond medicine as well with our many programs helping Veterans rehabilitate and reintegrate into society. Our 5-year initiative to end Veteran homelessness has received extensive support across federal, state and local levels. And our Veteran Employment Services help Veterans get back to work and regain a sense of stability. Also, we provide women Veterans a wide network of resources and outreach programs dedicated to addressing their needs.

There are countless opportunities to serve with Veterans Health Administration. No matter your field or expertise, you can have a fulfilling career restoring hope to our Nation’s heroes. Learn more about how you can participate in a legacy of high quality health care.

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Published on Jul. 21, 2015

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  1. Rob W July 23, 2015 at 5:58 pm

    You actually have the nerv to say you’re doing a good job?

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