Team RWB's Eagle Nation podcast

Team RWB has joined the network of Veteran-focused podcasts with the launch of its Eagle Nation podcast.

In a multimedia world, it’s important for organizations to take advantage of different platforms to reach their audience.

“We want to share our mission and some ‘Eagle fire’ with those who aren’t really familiar with our organization,” said Dan Brostek, Team RWB communications director. “It’s a  great format to get after important topics in a meaningful and respectful way.”

The new show currently has three episodes ready for listeners. The opening  episodes feature interviews with GORUCK founder Jason McCarthy and recent Ranger School graduate Lisa Jaster.

The podcast is an interview-based show hosted by different RWB leaders including Blayne Smith, executive director at RWB. It follows the format of Veterans talking to Veterans, with an emphasis on how Team RWB understands and helps meet the needs of Veterans as they transition out of the military.

The Eagle Nation podcast is planned to be a weekly publication and is available on iTunes or at Team RWB website. You can listen to the episode with Lisa Jaster using the player below:

If you want to be a part of the show, Team RWB invites you to send any ideas, comments or questions to Follow them on Twitter at @TeamRWB and use the hashtag #EaglePodcast.

About Team RWB:

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s Veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. Enrichment is defined as creating quality relationships and experiences that contribute to life satisfaction and overall well-being. The concept of enrichment consists of three core components—health, people and purpose—that define a rich life.

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Published on Apr. 26, 2016

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  1. Ronald Joseph Gonzalez May 2, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    My local VA, Mpls, MN, has taken fantastic care of me, complete ankle replacement last year, very grateful for the mental health for older vets, has helped me alot with depression and anxiety issues, as well as reoccurring invasive thoughts and triggering events. Consequently, I am giving them a shout out, “THANK YOU!!”

  2. James Tobleck April 30, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    Once more my comment got canceled ! Every time I try to tell you what the hell is happening to me by your worthless Mi. beauracracts who canceled my dental with out my permission, my complete knee hinge I’ve waited 40 years ,tens of thousands of meds, 3 wife’s, homelessness with son . Not one of you give a damn !

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