• Team Red, White, and Blue hosts nationwide Old Glory relay

    Rooted in an epic display of patriotism, the Old Glory […]

  • Team RWB to engage Veterans, supporters through Marching Orders movement challenge

    Team Red, White & Blue (RWB) is challenging supporters to take on their own movement goal beginning April 18 as part of its 7-day annual Marching Orders event.

  • Afghanistan Response: The power of community

    Across the nation, people are helping to support the resettlement of Afghanistan refugees and allies by sharing information on how to help, opening their homes, donating goods and services, and bringing greater awareness and advocacy for Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs).

  • Team RWB Old Glory Relay 2021: Veterans, supporters to carry American flag through 62-day journey

    The Team Red, White & Blue (RWB) Old Glory Relay returns this year after a two-year hiatus and supports America’s Veterans by helping them find lasting fulfillment through social and physical activities.  

  • Veterans get new chance to serve on vaccination campaign

    The Veterans Coalition for Vaccination (VCV) mobilizes Veterans to deliver vaccines anywhere from the inner city to the most rural outpost in the U.S. and hopefully improve equitable access to vaccinations to all Americans, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic limitations.

  • Team RWB Invites You to Accept The 1776 Challenge!

    Starting on June 17, complete the 1776 challenge by performing daily exercises and goals with Team RWB and Veterans across the country virtually. Finishers get a free patch! Veterans get a free Nike t-shirt for signing up with Team RWB.

  • Borne the Battle #193: Mike Erwin, Army Veteran, Team RWB Founder

    Through founding Team RWB, Army Veteran Mike Erwin discovered that he didn’t have to be in the military to continue serving.

  • Team RWB encourages Veterans to stay connected, stay active

    Every year, more than 200,000 service members transition from military […]

  • VetResources Facebook Live shares resources for Veterans, families, caregivers and survivors

    Last week, VA hosted three VetResources Facebook Live events to share the resources offered by six organizations who each have something unique to offer Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors.

  • Find free local events with Team RWB’s new app

    Team Red, White & Blue's new mobile app gives Veterans real-time access to local events like running, hiking, cycling, yoga, functional fitness, rock climbing, rucking, mountain biking and many more.

  • Maybe this is why people don’t talk about physical health for Veterans?

    Team RWB believes there is a major gap in Veteran well being. The group is pushing to increase awareness of physical health.

  • Team Red, White and Blue connects Veterans to their communities with social and physical activities

    Team Red, White and Blue is focused on creating quality relationships and experiences that contribute to life satisfaction and overall well-being. The concept of enrichment consists of three core components—health, people, and purpose—that comprise a rich life. The non-profit organization has open membership for Veterans, their families, caregivers and anyone in the community who would like to support Veterans.

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