Staff psychiatrist Dr. Donna Ames still feels privileged, even after 26 years, to come to work every day at Veterans Health Administration. As the lead psychiatrist at the Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC), she values the Veteran-centered care that VHA provides. “At the core of it you have to be wanting to serve, and I feel very privileged to serve those who served us,” says Donna. Learn how Donna serves others and the unique approach the PRRC takes in treating our Veterans’ mental health.

Partnering with the Veterans:
PRRC psychiatrists work closely with the Veterans and focus on rehabilitation, not just the pathology aspect. An individualized education program is developed for each Veteran based on their sessions with the psychiatrists. These individualized plans are built around the dreams and aspirations each Veteran has. This helps build trust in the process and customizes each treatment.

Whole approach to care of the Veteran:
This approach focuses on the mental health recovery of the patient, with emphasis on incorporating the strengths, needs and preferences of each Veteran into the treatment process. Using this type of approach paired, with holistic approaches such as wellness programs, helps to empower the Veteran to become involved in all aspects of their care.

Collaborative approach to Veteran care:
The VHA is a unique and wonderful place to work. It is supportive of teachings, research and innovative ideas employees may have in regard to Veteran care. There are so many opportunities for growth and learning from others, opportunitiesthat can’t be found elsewhere.

If you are passionate about mental health and serving those who have served us, then apply to be a psychiatrist with VHA today! And volunteer with Care Enough to Share.

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Published on Sep. 12, 2016

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