• Learn more about a nursing program structured for your success

    Have you recently graduated from nursing school? Want to learn […]

  • Win the job search race with these 4 effective habits

    A job search is like a marathon. And just like […]

  • From big to small, urban to rural, there’s a VA location for everyone

    One of our favorite VA career benefits is the opportunity […]

  • Veterans find support in minority programs coordinators at VA

    At VA, we want to ensure that our patients and […]

  • Essential events: Where to find VA recruiters this fall

    With the arrival of the fall season, VA recruiters are […]

  • Medical instrument technicians offer important expertise in Veteran care

    Information is critical to diagnosing an illness. While advancements in […]

  • VA engineers make health care better for Veterans and providers

    Seeing Veterans and health providers reap the benefits of well-executed engineering projects is a reward that’s unique to VA engineers.

  • VA engineers help keep our hospitals running. Apply today!

    Throughout VA, engineers are hard at work ensuring that our […]

  • Job opportunity: Keep Veterans safe as a VA law enforcement officer

    Want to help Veterans receive reliable medical care in a […]

  • Intermediate care technician heroically steps up during in-flight emergency

    Our intermediate care technicians (ICTs) were all once heroes on the battlefield. They helped care for fellow service members while serving as military corpsmen, combat medics and medical technicians. Through VA’s ICT program, they’ve become heroes in our hospitals and medical centers as well, using their military training to provide the highest quality of care to America’s Veterans.

  • Employee input elevates VA as a leading innovative health care workplace

    Innovation is essential to delivering modern, high-quality health care. Embracing new technologies and exploring groundbreaking techniques is not only encouraged at VA — it’s celebrated. Take a look at 3D printing, a relatively new technology with a myriad of applications to health care.

  • 20 (more!) little known facts about VA medical centers

    Learn about the history of VA's medical centers, where 9 million Veterans from across the nation receive their health care.

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