One of the most important ways we deliver health care to our Veterans today is through Telehealth. It helped more than 300,000 Veterans in fiscal year 2016 access and interact with their VA care team.

And we want to show you what Telehealth is all about, how it works and its great potential. You’re invited to step inside the Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) vehicle for an informative tour and demonstration.

The TED vehicle is in Washington, DC on Tuesday, October 18, at 810 Vermont Avenue NW. Here’s a link to our partners’ website which has the schedule for the Telehealth tour for the rest of this year.

After the DC stop today, TED travels to VA medical centers and other facilities in West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky.

The TED truck is a mobile demonstration vehicle, created by Iron Bow Technologies in conjunction with the VHA Office of Connected Care’s Telehealth Services, designed to enable education and training on a range of Telehealth and patient care solutions.

Visitors are welcome to tour the mobile unit and learn about the Telehealth equipment and services available from their VA. A Telehealth Equipment Trainer will be present to provide demonstrations on a variety of Telehealth equipment and answer questions.

(The TED visit is to demonstrate Telehealth equipment. Actual health care will not be provided.)

TED showcases technologies that enable Telehealth in many areas such as mental health, rural health, surgery, wound care, audiology, primary care, non-invasive cardio, and dermatology, to name a few.

Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) vehicle.

Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) vehicle.

The stop here in DC is part of a TED road trip to VA Medical Centers and Community-based Outpatient Clinics across the country to demonstrate the ways that Telehealth can extend health care access, enhance patient care and enable collaboration among health care providers and patients. Throughout 2017, TED will make more than 200 stops for live demonstrations and tours of the solutions.

The TED vehicle demonstrates VA telehealth solutions as one of many ways VA is making access to care more convenient for Veterans. This effort aligns with the VA Telehealth Services mission to facilitate access to care, and improve the health of Veterans with the intent to provide the right care in the right place at the right time.

Here’s more information on Connected Care and Telehealth Services.

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Published on Oct. 17, 2016

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