Every Veteran has a story to tell, and in 2016, VA shared many of their stories. In doing so, we hope that we have deepened your connection with the men and women who have served. From #VeteranOfTheDay posts, to articles covering Veterans’ experiences, and videos with of Medal of Honor recipients, we hope we’ve done our best to honor your stories.

As we approach 2017, please continue to share your stories with us. We are inspired by your courage and sacrifice.

Enjoy the VA’s 9 most popular Facebook posts of 2016 below:


On Feb. 3, 2016, we posted a video about United States Marine Corps combat photographer and Iwo Jima Veteran Norm T. Hatch as he shared his experience of the iconic flag raising atop Mount Suribachi. 1.3 million views


This video #VeteranOfTheDay featured Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald commemorating Vietnam War Veterans in a wreath-laying ceremony on March 29, 2016. 1.4 million views


Soon after the start of 2016, we paid tribute to Alyce Dixon, America’s oldest female Veteran. On Jan. 27, 2016, she passed away at the age of 108. 1.6 million views


Adaptive athlete and Veteran Derek Weida told his inspiring story through a video by Inspiredmedia360 and Carey Pena TV, which we shared with our Facebook audience on Feb. 27, 2016. 2.1 million views


The fifth most viewed post was a #VeteranOfTheDay honoring Army Veteran Gene Wilder on Aug. 30, 2016. Wilder passed away on Aug. 28. 2.6 million views


This video from Airman Magazine, posted on Jan. 29, 2016, features Carlyle Harris, a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. He is credited with introducing ‘tap code,’ a form of communication that he and his fellow brothers in arms used to relay secret messages. 2.6 million views


The third most popular post we shared was a #VeteranOfTheDay honoring Air Force Veteran and painter Robert “Bob” Ross posted on July 14, 2016. 3.6 million views


On Feb. 29, 2016, we shared our video of U.S. Navy Senior Chief Edward Byers’s Medal of Honor ceremony. Byers Jr. took on three Taliban fighters and saved an American hostage. 5.4 million views


Our most popular Facebook post of 2016 was a video from Moments.org. Millions of you enjoyed this touching video on the bond between generations of those who have served. 10.4 million views

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Published on Dec. 26, 2016

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  1. Gerald Lamar Dixon December 30, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    My Name is Jerry Dixon a Vietnam Veteran, I am 100% disabled I guess my post in the 2016 Facebook Post was not as pleasant as most of the others that follow. I have made several post on Facebook,letters to the Commander of American Legion, DAV Commander, Secretary Robert McDonald of the VA, the Inspector Generals Office for the VA,Several Congressmen,Several Senators, 4 or 5 messages to Fox News, Washington Post and the New York Times all of these contacts resulted in me getting one return message about my complaint. The message I got was from Senator John McCain {R} AZ, He told me that he read my complaint and if it ever came up on the Senate floor for a vote he would take into consideration my message to him. I was not aware that my problem required the Senate to vote on my problem.The only other contact with me was after I posted my problem in the Week at the VA news letter. Was by way of the telephone calls the consisted of what is your problem with the VA. The person I spoke to was a man in customer service at the VA. Charles,His title was Veterans Experience Officer, another call came from the State Of Florida Service Office, {S} and the last call was from a person that had no idea why he was told to call me he was just given my name his name was Rich, I only found out his name because I ask for it he was ready to hang up. They all were concerned I was told to call them if I had any further problems that was the long and short of our conversations. One thing that bothered me I guess it was my pride when I called back to Charles at customer service I got a message. My message to him is I am not a customer, I am not looking to order a hamburger, You may not respect my complaint but you will respect the fact I am a Veteran, and I do deserve that much.

    This is getting to be longer than I hoped so I won’t get into a long explanation. I am sure if you read this far you are wondering what my problem is. My problem starter in 2014 when I sent the Doctor a secure message informing him I was told by another Health Care Provider in the VA that there was a lot of medications that need to be refilled or renewed , the Doctors reply to me was you can check your own medications, and he would prefer to wait till I saw him on 5/28/15, I saw him on that day and he was upset that I even thought about telling him his job. That was the last time I saw that Doctor if he wanted to talk to me either he or a nurse would send me a secure message. On 7/12/2015, I informed the Patent Advocate office her name was Isabel I informed her that I would like to get another Doctor because the Doctor I had was not working in my best interest. After I told her that she never called my home and left a message like she told me she did. her action then was to block me from contacting her by secure message. The long and the short of my problem is from 5/28/2015 thru 2/9/2016, I was only under care from the VA Mental Health for PTSD. I saw no other Doctor PCP, in the VA, Many times I was forced to see Doctors outside the VA, for the next over 9 months my medical care was done outside the VA. I have under gone several surgeries and had to purchase medications outside the VA. I was told it would take 3 to 6 months to get another Doctor. Since I was assigned a new doctor on 2/9/2016, I have seen the Doctor twice and the nurse twice, they were given a list of my medications and informed I was going to run out. in 9 months I went from taking 22 pills a day down to 5 a day the others had expired and discontinued. I was not made aware that the new Doctor quit so I went from my last visit till 6/21/2016 without medications, I also went for my last visit to the nurse on 5/26/2016, because no other appointments were made.Some time in December I contacted the VA because I was running out of insulin and other medications. On 12/19/2016 I had an appointment with the Doctor it was on that day I found out I had a different Doctor.I am one Veteran and I have had all of these problems, I could go on but I think maybe you may feel I am a cry baby. There are other Veterans that may need help and not getting it. When they say the VA needs improvement I know what they are talking about. After a lot of money i have spent, all I can think about is I am not one of those 22 Veterans that take there lives every day. It is no wonder when as Veterans we don’t get the medical care promised us. Sorry this is so long but I feel it had to be said. Like I said there is a lot more to this problem.

  2. Donald J See Jr December 26, 2016 at 10:49 am

    I read some of these when they come io my iPhone.
    Now I’m going to read more of them. If I like the post,
    I’ll select like and make a comment.
    This is a great way to honor veterans.

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