Hi, everybody. In an effort to keep you up-to-date, we’ll likely run the “VA News and Open Thread” series a few times a week. Feel free to use it to sound off on the news stories below or let us know what else is on your mind.

VA has allocated money to establish a new national cemetery near Fort Polk, Louisiana. Currently, the closest one is 125 miles away in Natchez, Mississippi. [Clarification: This is a Louisiana state cemetery, not a national cemetery. VA is simply providing a $6 million grant to the state for its construction. H/T to NCA for the correction.]

On Tuesday, VA announced a new program “designed to provide enhanced services to low-income Veterans and their families who are at risk of being homeless.”

Ground was also broken this week on a “state-of-the-art clinic that will serve Veterans in the northwestern suburbs” of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Looking for good photos of Veterans Day ceremonies from the past several years? We’ve got lots.

The launch of VAntage Point has gotten some good pick-up in the online media world, so when you comment here, know that people are paying attention. Here are just a few mentions from today: The Best Defense (Tom Ricks), NextGov, Abu Muqawama, NPR, Blackfive, Federal Computer Week, and Milblogging.

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Published on Nov. 9, 2010

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  2. Bone Fracture June 13, 2011 at 12:41 am

    I know a guy there who is living with his mom n dad ever since he came out of jail. His life is miserable as he has no job. Thanks to felony conviction. Can VA help my friend ?

  3. Green Tea January 3, 2011 at 12:19 am

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  4. Jon Hofer November 24, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    I doubt if I will ever get compensated fully for my disabilities. I have been submitting claims for over 20 years. No one in the VA even reads these blogs. It was created as a feel good for us veterans only.

  5. Maurice Wyman Scott November 19, 2010 at 11:11 am

    why won’t the VA at either facebook or this forum answer our pain, realize that it’s not the system that is broken, its the folks within the system, who aren’t likely to change. We are, the proud, the dedicated, the prior strong, we stood when no one else would, whether in peace, or war, we stood for the rights of those who will not stand with us now.

    There has to be something wrong with that, don’t you think.

  6. Maurice Wyman Scott November 17, 2010 at 11:59 am

    I, as a veteran, deserve better, we all do. The evidence of social media only presence is to do absolutely nothing about the system, the Old guard is still at work. Initial claims, denied, DRO taking longer than you have left to live, and BVA appeals sometimes before all of your bones turn to ash, this is the culture of the New and Improved VA today. If you find that the RO did your claim wrong, wait one or two years, if you want to file for reconsideration, sure, lost all of your back pay, and of course if you aren’t fortunate, but end up in the BVA, you will be dust in a grave before the first I am sorry because we held your benefits up that could have saved your life.

    I spoke to the Columbia RO today, made with proof in hand statements of wrong doing in my claim processing, leaving out VA health center records, deliberately, the VSR, stated, well we aren’t one organization, so unless you tell us each time you go to the hospital or see a doctor we don’t know, even at the VA hospital. In addition, if you want us to fix it, you can withdraw your appeal, and we will do a reconsideration, but you lose all of your back pay, its a scam.

    I asked about the fully developed claim process, the farmer, said, well at present that would take longer than your appeal would, something between 12 and 18 months. These folks and the National and President aren’t on the same page.

    Nothing has changed, because as long as it continues to be a wait until you die mentality by stalling at every means, then it will continue to be broken. Lets show you how screwed up the system is, I got a letter dated November 10, 2010, stating we recieved your application for benefits, I HAVE A DAMN APPEAL IN, NOT A APPLICATION, and the basic stall tactics about how many and length undertermined. But to date, I havent received a letter since September 16, 2010 that said they received my appeal, and how i wanted to handle it.

    The VA as a national organization isn’t broken, but the local regional offices are, save some money, make processing centralized at the national office, because all these guy, especially in Columbia, SC are doing is collecting a paycheck, and defrauding veterans of their benefits.

    The system that can’t seem to find its own records, ignores evidence, and blanket denies claims as a effort like drinking water, and they are happy about it, seemingly walking through the halls without a care in the world. WHAT ABOUT THE LIVES THEY ARE DESTROYING, AND ACCOUNTABILITY THEREOF, ITS NON-EXISTENT. PILOT PROGRAMS, FULLY DEVELOPED CLAIMS, AND EXPEDITED CLAIMS AREN’T SOMETHING THAT THEY DO HERE, IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHAT IS WRITTEN. So when do we see justice, justice in the South, it’s apparent to me, that it doesn’t exist except to shield the incompetence of its employees.

    A vet puts in a claim in 2009, and the date he puts in the claim is the only date that the RO request medical records from the VHA, knowing fully well he is being continuiously treated there, and that’s not incompetence. The development team says in June 2009, that they have fully gotten all discovery, and in truth they had nothing but letters saying that they had nothing, and that’s not incompetence, and we the VETS are left on the battlefield of life while this incompetence continues, where is the justice in that.

    I can prove my case on its merits, I can prove my claim on its merits, but the RO, in their rating deliberately disregarded evidence, or the requirement to say to me that evidence was needed, and rate what is amounting to a non-developed claim, and its intentional, but the VA wants us VETS to believe that the culture has changed, it hasn’t at this VA, not at all.

    So National VA, its leadership and senior management, what are you going to do about this harmful activities that is hurting vets in the Columbia Regional Office? Nothing, I would suspect, becasue you don’t want them to be exposed as the product of whats wrong with the benefit delivery system in this country, its manned by people who really don’t care.

  7. Brad Courson November 17, 2010 at 10:11 am

    How do I speed up the process of getting my medical records from St. Louis?

  8. JERRY WALDEN November 12, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    If the VA really wants to help the Veterans, get combat Veterans on the decision making boards concerning PTSD, not non-combat experienced civilians who have no real clues of the effects of life or death combat.

  9. Gino West November 12, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    I am a 100% Service Connected – Totally & Permanently Disabled Veteran. In March of 2006 my wife (not a Veteran, but disabled also) applied for our first home loan via the V.A. Home Loan program. We approached our bank; Bank of America, they informed us that they were indeed able to handle V.A. Home Loans and further, they said BOA was on some list of preapproved lenders that the DVA maintains. We were assigned a V.A. Home Loan Specilist by the name of Jack Felts.

    Many things transpired in the course of getting the loan and many DID NOT.

    1. We have recently discovered that the home we purchased, NEVER QUALIFIED for the V.A.
    Home Loan program. Foundation requirements have never not even to this day, met VA

    2. Falsified documents were created and submitted by Jack Felts and the persons he hired to
    perform certain tasks. Falsified appraisals, inspections, flood zone maps, my
    and my wifes credit reports/history and a completey fabricated Manufactured Home – Foundation
    Inspection. Also; Jack Felts noted on the volumes of paperwork that my wife
    was/is a Military Veteran/Active Duty Member of the United States Armed Forces. When he
    was aware that, in fact; she never has served in the military.

    3. When I asked Jack Felts if I needed to hire an attorney at any stage in thos process, his reply
    was; “I am your loan specialist and will be acting as your representative. I will make
    sure that everything is correct and that you understand all that transpires. It really would be a
    waste of your money to pay an attorney to do what i do for free.”

    4. We sold a BRAND NEW manufactured home upon the word of Jack Felts calling us to say;
    “You’ve been approved, the closing date is set, get ready to move.” Whe that closing date never
    materialized, we were left to live in the street. I know Felts did not force us to sell our paid in
    full home, but he sure emphisized time and time again that; “The money you make from the
    sale of your current home, sure would make this transaction go more smooothly – were it to
    be deposited in an account with BOA. THAT is EXACTLY what we did. .

    5. Jack Felts never showed at closing when it did finally begin. We were told by a Ms. Henson at
    Metro Abstract (a place we had never heard of had been to) that we needed to be at her office for
    closing and that Jack Felts would meet us there. He never showed.

    6. The seller used a name that is NOT one that is listed in a group of names identified as; “The
    ONLY parties having legal right to sell, transfer or convey this property to another.”

    7. The contract for sale that we signed with ERA Realty, does not, in any description or fashion
    whatsoever; describe, allude, mention, state – either cleary or in fine print,
    that the sale was for SURFACE ESTATE ONLY. Other and numerous differences exist between the
    ERA contract and the BofA contract. Jack Felts certainly did not tell us these, nor did
    anyone else at anytime. These were discovered some three years later when we receieved partial
    paperwork from Metro Abstract and BOA.

    8. No one at any stage of obtaining mortgage, explained that even if we lived long enough to pay
    this note off; we would still NOT OWN THE LAND – SURFACE OR MINERAL. That we were
    entering a Co-Op and would have to pay ‘ground rents’ forever. That the water company in reality
    owns the land and has a vested interest in establishing a “SOLID WASTE TREATMENT
    FACILITY on site.

    9. Our Insurance Agent that had provided coverage on the manufactured home we purchased in
    Muskogee – Hilda Ritchie, showed at closing. She had already in her possesion the balance of a
    paid in full; one year homeowner’s policy that she was to apply to the coverage price of the new
    purchase. She had been informed of the sale of the NEW manufactured home and was directed
    to cease coverage and hold the premium balance until such time we contacted her for new policy
    coverage on this home. How she even knew of the closing is a mystery. We only learned of it the
    Friday prior to the Monday of this new date at a new location with a new Abstract Company.
    Why she showed and was written a check is an even bigger mystery. She also received, accepted
    and deposited TWO more full year premiums (totalling three full years and one half year) – one sent to
    her by BofA, one received from BofA at closing the other by my wife. When I noticed these
    gross over-payments, I called Hilda Ritchie and demanded she refund the payments save one.
    She offered the lowest amount of the four payments in her possesion, that being the balance from
    the coverage we purchased on our home in Muskogee. This was given to us via a check from her
    personal account, not an agency check.

    10. Jack Felts, OUR ONLY source of guidance and protection; avoided us at all costs. He left
    all of our FINANCIAL records from BOA – with seller’s realtor/realty company. All of my
    personal banking information including personal checking and savings, was given over
    to the SELLER’S REALTOR! Why? He even phoned us and told me to drive from Muskogee
    to Wagoner to get the records. He stated that he had a prior comittment and could not drive
    the extra 15 miles to our home. He also insisted that I ALONE meet with the foundation
    inspector at the prospective home. This would be a near 95 mile drive, round trip for me.
    When I went to the seller’s realtor to retrieve my documents, Pat Wurton handed me a
    couple of forms. SHe asked that I sign my and my wife’s name to the document. It was a
    form letter explaining that her fiduciary responsibility was with seller and that ERA Realty
    owed myself and wife NO ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL. Ironic.

    The above and foregoing is a very small list of discrepencies and wrong doing that were put into motion either directly instigated by Jack Felts or indirectly as a result of his failure to uphold and carry out his obligations as our fiduciary. But for his actions and negligence; I would have never agreed to any of the conditions of this sale. He stated to us that he “had done over 50 VA Home Loan deals” and this was no different than any of the others. He assured us that his duty to protect our financial well being was a primary concern of his and Bank of America.

    Pror to closing, we received a phone call from Felts in which he requested that I meet a foundation inspector as this was a Manufactured Home Loan, additional requirements must be meet in this area. The man I met up with, upon seeing the foundation, uttered aloud but to himself; “This will never pass for a V.A. Loan.” When I questioned him, he explained that it was okay because Jack Felts would bring the piers, tie downs pads etc.. into compliance. Never happened.

    There are numerous other items; RESPA violations, TILA violations. The fact that the seller’s appraisal was inflated and false. Much more. We knew of none of the above mentioned items until last year when we finally, after numerous phone calls; RECEIVED SOME OF THE PAPERWORK FROM CLOSING! We had only seen our appointed V.A. Home Loan representative, Jack Felts – ONCE. That was the day we applied at the Muskogee branch of BOA. We to this day, have never seen him in person and if called; he hangs up as soon as he knows it is us. He refused to send ANY paperwork from closing so we had to go around him and speak directly to the Mortgage Department. We were eventually cut off from communicating with these folks but not until we reached a concerned and undersatnding gentlewoman. She mailed us as much as she could find. Our recent attempts at contacting her are met with statements such as; ” SHE IS NOT YOUR LOAN REP! You may speak with Jack Felts ONLY! If you need general information, we can provide that, we will not and can not send any more paperwork regarding your loan.”

    My wife took it upon herself to begin researching this entire matter when certain conditions came to light. She has had to struggle with her afflictions, my disabilities and try and become a ‘home schooled’ paralegal – all at the same time. The emotional stress, physical pain, marital stress we both continue to suffer and deal with as a result; is fast becoming something so overwhelming, I am seriously in fear for our lives.

    Our 1996 trailer home is full of mold, so much so that the walls have buckled in two rooms. One of the exterior wall panels is nearing complete failure. It is buckled so much so that you can see light shine out from inside. (Appraisal of FORTY YEAR REASONABLE EXPECTED HABITABLE LIFE SPAN!) The tie downs on the mobile home have NEVER been properly affixed. The north end of the trailer is setting approxiamtely 4 to 5 feet in the air, upon uneven and haphazardly stack concrete blocks. (The measurement of 4 to 5 feet is from the underside of the trailer to ground. The roof on that end is probably 20 feet in the air!) I don’t think a new trailer house can REASONABLY be given a FORTY year life span.

    We have been burglerized so often that we must use a kick-bar on the front door, exit through the rear. I have installed a flat span of iron strapping in which I managed to cut/drill a slot at each end. This allows me to padlock it across the rear entry/exit when/if we leave home together. We were not informed that meth labs exist in the nieghborhood until we moved in, and then only by our nieghbors. One of these labs was at the end of our street. IT BLEW UP! The seller’s realter did tell us to; “Never go there (the then prospective home) by yourself, the nieghbors would probably shoot you.” She said this in reply to my wife expressing her desire to go look at the home by ourselves. I now think that her statement was partly true but meant mostly to keep us away while the details of the sale were made, including the taking of our earnest money and Jack Felts taking 400.00 outside of closing (RESPA violation) for an appraisal that was NEVER done.

    There is so much wrong here, all parties, excluding myself and my wife; had knowledge of all the problamatic areas that existed (and still do, most have worsened now) up to and after closing.

    We were at the mercy of BOA and Jack Felts who told us; “I WILL BE ACTING AS YOUR LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR THIS REAL ESTATE SALE…” and that we would have no need of hiring an attorney. He went further to “comfort” us by stating; “..I will deal with the real estate people, if ANY of them attempt to arrange a meeting without me being present; declne and inform me as soon as possible.” He took from us the amount of 340.00 on this first and what turned out to be, only face to face meeting we would ever have with him. The money was for an appraisal in order “.. to verify what the seller’s appraiser reported.” We have yet to see Mr. Felts’ appraisal nor have we received this out of closing (RESPA Violation?) money returned to us.

    The seller’s appraiser states in the official appraisal he provided, many many discrepiencies. He provides comparables that DO NOT EXIST, save one. The only noted existing comparable used, is reported as being not even one mile in distance from our home; in reality it is over 15 miles from our decayng, used and hazardous trailer. Also, discrepencies in the title examination made by appraiser are evident. Well, out and out FALSE AND DECEIVING information is given by seller’s appraiser. One of which is the title history. My wife researched the title and found that right up to and until the very same month we closed, there were SEVERAL dubious and seemingly nafarious actions going on behind the scene that we were not made aware of; sales, pawns, loans, liens, title transfers, quick claims, quite titles etc..

    The appraiser states, “No changes in title or deed were found in a THREE YEAR PERIOD PRIOR to the date of appraisal..” My wife found over 10 in the past year alone! We even tried to refinance to get away from Bank of America and we spent 200.00 to have another lender run an application. It was declined, NOT DUE TO OUR EXISTING LOW CREDIT RATING (which was WORSE when we got the BOA – VA Home Loan in 2006), but rather; we were turned down due to “LACK OF COLATERAL” Home and property according to their appraiser was 55,000.00 less than the 60,000.00 selling/purchase we “negoiated” but at closing, mysteriously was increased by nearly 2000.00.

    The paperwork at closing was for the most part, left blank. My wife was not allowed to be seated with me, giving us BOTH an opportunity to look at the paperwork. She was told by Crystal Henson; “Oh no! You can not set there. YOU are NOT a veteran, this does NOT concern you. You are not a party to the loan.” At first I thought they had made her leave the room entirely, I could not even see her. After a flurry of documents were placed before me, in which I was directed to sign and or initial, I did catch a quick glimpse of my wife. She was seated at the furthest point away from me as we set at a long conference table. The seller’s realtor was leaning over and blocking her from my view.

    There came a time when I noticed that many of the documents being quickly placed in front of me (Henson never at any time completely let go of any page) and then removed as soon as my pen left paper – were BLANK! When I questioned this, I was told by Cyrstal Henson (Metro Abstract Company) that; “Jack Felts will have ALL the completed documents, no blanks. He will go over those with you and if they are incorrect you will be able to recind your offer and get your money back. Or you could just not sign, we will keep your earnest money and you can go back to living in the fucking streets!” The time it took to sign the paperwork was approximatley; ten minutes – not more than fifteen at the very most. I was completely exhausted both physically and mentally. I felt I had just left an interrogation, my only comfort was that we were going to be able to go over all of this with Jack Felts. I was sure that he would find any errors or omissions amd would protect our financial interests. We, to this day, have never seen him again.

    All persons at closing, including seller, were previously made aware of our current living conditions (or lack thereof) our health conditions and particularly; why I was 100% Service Connected – Totally Disabled. They used all of this to their advantage. We were never offered preclosing counciling that we have discovered is available. WE WERE NOT EVEN MADE AWARE THAT SUCH A THING EXISTED! I was under so much pressure, was made to feel as if I personally was at fault for the delays and was even threatened by on of the seller’s sons; I probably would have signed anything just to get myself and my wife out of that room.

    We had been at the abstract offices from 0900 to 1630 hrs, waiting for Felts. Sudenly Henson announced to all; “We are going to do this and get this seller his money so he can get on the road, he has to drive to California. We can’t make them wait any longer.” My wfe and myself were just in a state of shock really at all what was going on. We had not a clue what to do, there was no one there to keep our best interests intact and we were made to feel as if this was all our fault. When we received what we thought were the complete records of the closing transaction, it was 3 years after the two year statute of limitations had run, we did’nt even know of a statute of limitations until we received the paperwork!

    We are now BOTH so weak from EXTREME AND RAPID WEIGHT LOSS, sudden onset of inflamed eye conditions, breathing problems and just generally sick and miserable from the mold. The anxiety (I suffer P.T.S.D., depression, anxiety disorder amongst others – my wife has severe chronic migraines and severe chronic fibromyalgia with P.T.S.D.) is ever increasing with each; “Well NOTHING YOU CAN DO”, reply to our inquiries, I fear we will not live more 1 to 2 years at this rate. My weight dropped close to 140 lbs in a 3 month period, my wife lost 110 in the same time. Our teeth are falling out (mine more than her’s – I am 10 years her senior) Her fibromyalgia has increased to levels of pain so dramatic, that at times she can’t even stand clothing or her own hair touching her body. Her migraines have increased so much that she is consuming a dangerous amount of the new migraine medications, I fear her heart will give out. (A listed side effect – one that killed a friend of ours at age 26) These things and much more can be varified by contacting Dr. Bradshaw at the Topeka, KS Comery/O’neil Veterans Hospital.

    I tried calling V.A. Home Loan, OIG and others, I was told by the V.A. that “..we do not enforce lenders to maintain status in-keeping with V.A. Home Loan policies, get an attorney.” WHAT!! I called because in this instance, I was not the only victim as I see it. The V.A. was, as well as the American taxpayer. But NOBODY cares and we continue to die in our home full of mold. We have had numerous insurance claims and repairs, they will NOT address the mold issues. I was told by a lady at HUD that when she traced the numbers on this trailer house, she found it to be a Katrina damaged and salvaged unit. She has since “taken early retirement” or so we are continously told.

    The Wagoner County Court Clerk’s Office shows that the seller, uses a vast number of names – all similar but with subtle differences; paid $1800.00 for the trailer and $3000.00 for the land. He was here for 5 or 6 months (we paid ALL his past due and owed taxes at closing-among MANY other unagreed upon costs, fees, and very strange charges), claimed homestead and then placed it on the market. How could it have gone from a value (recorded at Wagoner County) of $5300.00 to the listed asking price of $65,000.00 in six months? Of course had Jack Felts upheld his fiduciary responsibility and showed up at closing or met with us after, he would have or should have had MANY MANY concerns that needed addressing. I can tell you this, had ANYONE told me that I was buying a trailer that was through Katrina, purchased for 1800.00, placed on land costing 3000.00, that said purchase was surface only, may or may not contain the ADVERTISED adjoining lot – I WOULD HAVE WALKED AWAY AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. I would have GLADLY let them keep the 500.00 earnest money. However; no one bothered to explain, even when asked. In fact the majority of this was withheld from us and not discovered by us until WE became ill from the mold and started to question the sale since the paperwork had never been given to us – until THREE YEARS AFTER CLOSING.

    We have been laughed at, had phones slammed in our ears, been told that there is NO ONE THAT CAN HELP YOU EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO- NO ONE! I just find that statement amazing in itself!

    I am no legalman or lawyer, but it only seems reasonable to me that since we did not receive the paperwork from closing until three years past; our statute of limitations regarding court petition to be made whole and released from a fraudulent real estate transaction – would not begin until such a time that we had had the documents in our possession in order to examine them. A Muskogee attorney, a Tulsa attorney and a Claremore attorney have all agreed with me on that issue. But since “..there is no money for an attorney in this type of lawsuit (60,000.00), none will accept it..” I am astonished at that. I worked for a period of time in the Navy at the Naval Legal Service Office – Pearl Harbor. The Officers/Lawyers there seemed to display the apitomy of ethics, concern and professional conduct, maybe that type of lawyer is long gone. If so, we the people will NEVER be able to afford or retain proper competent legal representation ever again in this country.

  10. Mike Hodges November 12, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Wondering why there is no help, that I am aware of, for Vets that need a hospital away from home and no VA Hospital is availabla. Based on talking to other disabled vets like myself that I served in VietNam with, If you have heart or other problems and may be on a trip away from a VA Hospital, you are financially on your own. What is the correct story. I have been in the situation where my local VA has been on turn around, not accepting patients by ambulance, and had to go to a public hospital across the street and also pay the bill as VA refused.

  11. Jon Anderson November 12, 2010 at 8:50 am

    The Agent Orange charter limits the the study of chemicals used in Vietnam to herbicides. Parkinson’s disease research indicates that insecticides such as dieldrin may have a greater role in the causation of Pd than the herbicides.Over 5 tons of dieldrin was used in RVN to kill mosquitoes and termites in base camps; why did the VA choose not to study the effects of dieldrin and other insecticides used in Vietnam?

  12. Ross Durbin November 11, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Recently, the requirements for filing a PTSD claim have changed. The rules involve a new definition of a “stressor” and a determination that the Veteran was in position to experience that stressor. The new stressor is defined as “Any event or circumstance that involves actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of the Veteran or others.” The relationship to the Veteran is “the stressor is consistent with the “places, types, and circumstances of the Veteran’s service.”
    The VA Form 21-0781 asks for Stressful incident No. 1 and No. 2. How does a Veteran with PTSD from long term exposure correctly fill out that form?
    I served from 1984 to 2004. Starting in 1986 and continuing to 1995, I experienced repeated stressor events directly related to my military service. In 1996, I went to Mental Health and asked for help. I was diagnosed as suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder “GAD”. My military career field was changed to a support job. I continued psychiatric therapy and medication treatment for the next 9 years, but my mental health slowly declined. Beginning in January 2004, my ability to properly function as a military member, a husband, and a father, deteriorated rapidly. In March 2004, I requested that my medical records be sent to a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). I was released from activity on June 01, 2004.
    From June 2004 to July 2008, I continued my psychiatric medication. However, I did not continue my therapy. Ten years of therapy had never helped and I lost faith in trying. In August 2008, I suffered a serious reduction in my ability to deal with my problems. I went to the Dayton VA Medical Center and asked for help. During the next two years I worked with Dr. Roger Schmidt. He was the first therapist to correctly identify my problem as PTSD. We worked very hard. My medications were adjusted. I regained some control in my life. I followed Dr. Schmidt when he transferred to the PTSD clinic and I went through the entire PTSD course of treatment.
    Now, I understand my PTSD stressors and I work very hard each day to keep my mental balance in life. I continue to take my daily medications and I see a VA therapist every two weeks. I will need to continue this for the rest of my life, but I understand how important they are to my mental health.

  13. Al Comeau November 11, 2010 at 11:42 am

    ‎”Happy Veterans Day” to my past, present and future Comrades! Remember – Our heritage stretches over 234 of preserving this Nation’s Freedom –

  14. Peter Orlowicz November 10, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    What happened to the Veterans Pride Initiative, to encourage vets to wear their ribbons/medals on patriotic holidays? Since the VA’s website has been restructured, the only mention of it are from a few years ago. It would be nice to know if this is an ongoing effort or more of a one-time decision.

  15. Keith Allen November 10, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    VAntage is a really nice way of allowing the VA and the Veterans to communicate without the technicality of cutting through some sort of red tape. Glad the VA is finally entering the 21st century.

  16. Fred Foskey November 10, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    have to tell you… medical care is great at Hampton VAMC but your internet applications are horrible and one side blames it on the other. I have tried to see my my e-benefits page and yes I received my level two through myhealthe-vet, I can see my cofidential payment history but thats it, I have an NOD appeal in and am unable to see anything else. It tells me that I have no active appeal. I can see some posts from the past and thats it. I also can’t order my personel file. I try to send an IRIS and I get a return of CGI error. Is someone working on these problems and if I am the only one who should I talk to? I wanted to let you know that Roanoke regional said its e-benefits fault and e-benefits said its the regional office’s fault. PLEASE fix this soon.Is there anybody out there? This blog thing looks as though you can’t spend all your time reading and responding, do you have other work to do, is that why your not helping everyone?

  17. Jason Kahl November 10, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Please address the fact that Department of Veteran Affairs does not give disabled Vets adaptive equipment that works off the sidewalk. I am waiting for my power chair to come in right now, I spent $5500.00 because the VA will only give me a regular chair. I agree on only one point, yes I get around the sidewalks and stores just fine. I just don’t want to have to FIGHT my wheel chair everywhere I go, taking my kids to the park and other places need to be cut short every time. Please explain to the VA that our quality of life is very important to us, generally were young and for the most part good health. I complained to the VA person denying my power chair stating that my quality of life was being damaged I was told “To learn to live with my limitations”. There is no reason if VA can spend $500,000 on Nascar but can not afford a real power chair that could benefit a Veteran, New Knee Replacements that cost $35,000 each but not one dime for a disabled Vet to enjoy the out doors.

  18. Keno Phillips November 10, 2010 at 7:00 am

    Due to me current situation I have been living with my partents since being out of prison. I have been having a hard time trying to find employment due to having a felony conviction. What can the VA do to help me out on this? I am only living off of my Disabilty which isn’t much to live off of while living with my parents.

    • Tammy November 10, 2010 at 10:43 am

      Take a look at our VetSuccess page – http://vetsuccess.gov/va_vre_and_vetsuccess for some guidance. Also talk with someone at your local Regional Office.

      • Keno Phillips November 10, 2010 at 3:35 pm

        thanks for that information I should have thought about that awhile ago.

  19. Bobbi Ray November 10, 2010 at 12:01 am

    I have been hoping to get my VA Claim for almost 2 years now. I tried to work after having my legs amputated but found it hard. I can’t even find a home for a double amputee unless I pay big money for it. Just not fair

  20. Douglas Groover November 9, 2010 at 10:49 pm


    Sorry, didn’t see it didn’t post.

  21. Douglas Groover November 9, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    the website above is dedicated to my VA Claim. Please go there and find out more about my story with the VA and the nightmare it has caused. thank youand have a good day.

  22. michael menasco November 9, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    i hope the va can help me soon on housing i am going to be homeless next month or have to move back in to my family house that half way acroos the country and i have no car

    • Brandon Friedman November 9, 2010 at 10:45 pm

      Have you checked out the resources available here?


    • kurt f November 11, 2010 at 3:12 pm

      your not alone. our house goes to auction next month, giving my wife, 3 daughters and i a little over 4 months to find someplace to go.

  23. Ervin Mulkey November 9, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    The VA needs to look at suppling dental and vision to CHAMPVA beneficiaries. Medicare and welfare people get it, why not Veterans Family Members

    • Bufford November 10, 2010 at 12:24 am

      my husband and i both on Medicare, we DO NOT GET DENTAL AND ONLY 55 % OF APPROVED RATE IS PAID BY MEDICARE ON VISION. I was told my eye exam would only be 29.00, but got bill for over 200. from icare place.

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