If you’ve been following our Twitter or Instagram accounts, you’ve been seeing some stories and images from Student Veterans of America’s National Conference. It’s a place where thousands of student Veterans and their supporters convene to make the experience of achieving higher education more fulfilling for Veterans. During the conference I had the opportunity to sit down with SVA’s President Jared Lyon.

Jared was on the show about a year ago where we went through the routine questions and talked about the Veteran experience on campus.

This go-around, we talked about recent metrics showing Veterans’ success in higher education, how SVA chapters can keep the momentum going after the conference, and how people can support their local student Veterans.

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Published on Jan. 7, 2018

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  1. Terry Swords January 12, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Maybe you should honor veterans that can’t get their claim 3 because they have to be down here in Pensacola Florida at a certain motherf****** time because somebody don’t want to show it to f****** work to file a claim or check up on your s*** and they only see for veterans a day to ride a f****** claim yeah I’m pretty pissed the f*** off cuz none of this s*** works like it’s supposed to this is going on 2011 for me and s*** still don’t f****** work right you guys always honor this veteran that’s the role model the poster-child of you guys get down in the trenches with everybody else and see what really goes on at a VA Health Clinic you sit there for hours and can’t get nothing done at all it’s just an imminent Loop of b******* I want to basically comes down to is somebody high gets more money than any veteran needs

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