The Office of Information and Technology is the technological backbone for VA’s care and support of our nation’s Veterans, their families, and their caregivers. We are an organization committed to IT excellence, driven by our vision to provide a seamless, unified Veteran experience through the delivery of state-of-the-art technology. But it is our talented workforce who drive our success—the people who ask, why not? and what if?

To celebrate these employees and their impact on VA’s mission, we’ve put together a 2018 Midyear Review video series that explores this commitment—in the words of our own IT employees from around the country. These videos are brief, powerful reminders of the diversity of VA’s workforce and the pride and dedication each one of us brings to our work every day.

I invite you to watch these videos. I think you’ll be as impressed by our people as I am, and maybe even inspired to come join in our mission—collaborating with our business partners to create the best experience for all Veterans.

About the author: Camilo Sandoval is the executive in charge of VA’s Office of Information and Technology.

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Published on Jul. 25, 2018

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  1. Larry Sortor August 22, 2018 at 11:19 am

    I am a military retiree and disabled Vet. Why can’t my VA doctor send my prescriptions to Express Scripts – the required pharmacy of Tricare? They are an additional benefit and meds cost less but the VA doctors will not send them prescriptions. The write paper prescriptions for me to mail to Express Scripts. This is modern technology? What the heck?

  2. Robin Williams July 27, 2018 at 5:31 pm

    Hello There , I had no interest in watching the Videos & Kudos to the ONES in tbe VA Health Care system that Actually do their Job ! My Husband & I have Not had the Pleasure of VA taking Good Care Of Him ! I had to Call Washington More than .Once , have had More than One MediaIntervirw etc….. ALL to try to SAVE my Husbands LIFE due to the. A healthcare System & Employees Dragging their FEET , creating Red Tape & Hoops to Jump Through!!! The System is Seriously BROKEN & My Husband is PROOF of it !!! less Veterans needing Health Care = Less $ VA has to pay !!! They Try to wait till you Die & Give EVERY EXCUSE they READ off a Script ( if you actually get a Humane Voice ). That they were TRAINED to say to Veterans Pleading for Their Health Care Needs !!! I’m Sure there may be a Few Good ones employed to Help the Veterans through the RED TAPE BUT IM JUST AS SURE WE HAVE NOT MET THEM AND THEY ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN !!!! In our Opinion the Politions WANT the PUBLIC to BELIEVE they are taking CARE of the Veterans ! WRONG !!!! Is Our Opinion !!! SOMEONE WILL KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH ONE DAY !!! TRUST ME WHEN I say the Truth will be heard / seen ONE DAY !!!

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