Back in December of 2016, we featured Army Veteran Blayne Smith on the podcast. At the time, he was Executive Director of Team RWB. That was episode 11. He has since moved on to the GORUCK team, and here on episode 115, we are featuring he successor, and good friend, JJ Pinter. JJ is also an Army Veteran who joined shortly before September 11.

JJ will share his story of military service and tell us about the wonderful soldiers he served with, but the real value in this interview comes from his insight as Team RWB’s second official employee. He’s been with Team RWB for quite some time and in the Veteran space even longer. He shares his perspective on serving Veterans’ post-military needs, measuring the impact his organization is making on Veteran, how his staff focuses on their mission, and other valuable thoughts that only someone in his position can have.

About JJ:

JJ Pinter is the Executive Director of Team Red, White, and Blue. As Team RWB’s 2nd employee, he has played a key role the development, growth, and operation of the organization. JJ works closely with board members, staff, and volunteer leaders to ensure the delivery of excellent programs that deliver impact. He provides strategic guidance in addition to building and managing critical partnerships.

JJ is a West Point graduate and combat veteran, serving as a Field Artillery officer. After his military service, he held both leadership and analytical positions in the construction, defense and medical industries. He currently resides outside Louisville, KY with his wife and 3 kids, where he loves to coach youth sports and be outdoors with his family.

The full transcript for episode 115 can be found here.

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Published on Aug. 1, 2018

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  1. Ronnie Kelly August 13, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    I contacted La Malfa about these issues. An office person at La Malfa’s office angrily reported that La Malfa could not do anything. In fact, La Malfa merely rubber stamped VA statements. Remove La Malfa because he does nothing for veterans. In fact, I have not spoken to any veterans who support La Malfa. Each veteran said they asked for La Malfa’s help. Each event ended up the same: An office person at La Malfa’s office angrily told the veteran if she/he did not like it, that is all La Malfa will do.
    Let’s get to a closer look at VA doctors, VA Clinic, Chico, CA: I had a consultation with my primary care doctor, Dr. (redacted), VA Clinic, Chico, CA. (redacted) previously had signaled animosity toward me during numerous consultations; additionally, I had understood from (redacted)’s comments that he considered me a malingering veteran out to get “free money”, the term used often in VA. Therefore, I hired a Representative to accompany me to my August 02, 2018 consultation with (redacted). The consultation quickly devolved into the Plan (redacted) had in mind. (redacted)’s Plan was to set me up to be handcuffed and escorted out of the VA Clinic to the City Jail – in a very public display – this was (redacted)’s Plan. Following the consultation while walking from the VA Clinic, my Representative used the words “setup”; in other words, my Representative said to me that (redacted) had set me up and that my “instincts” were correct in that, luckily, I had engaged a Representative to accompany me to the August 02, 2018 consultation. Otherwise, (redacted) yelled “are you threatening me” then called the two police people waiting outside, and off to jail I would go – who do you think would be believed? Two police persons were waiting outside the Consultation Room. Both eyed me intimidatingly before I entered the consultation room. Each Nurse stopped their work and eyed me suspiciously. Everyone was tightly wound up ready to pounce. Then (redacted) suddenly raised his voice at me and accused me. His accusation goes as follows: “Are you threatening me?” My Representative interrupted and stated that I had not threatened (redacted). (redacted) then attacked my Representative. My Representative addressed (redacted) directly. (redacted) attacked a second time. My Representative explained the facts again. (redacted) then hung his head in shame and in defeat understanding that he and his Plan had been thwarted. The purpose of the consultation was to settle on a blood pressure medication. Always, I have praised VA doctors and nurses for managing the extremes of medical care for combat veterans: They can check blood pressure, temperature, and prescribe medications to manage blood pressure. And, on the other extreme, I am sure VA doctors and nurses of this VA Clinic, Chico, CA., are able to address emergencies. But, when a primary care doctor intends to arrest and jail a Viet Nam combat veteran intentionally, that is when VA Director Stockwell should step in and remove (redacted). (redacted) violates the principles of basic medical care, certainly, and (redacted), I suspect, engaged in if not medical malpractice, then, no doubt, medical indifference. Further, when (redacted) intends to bait a veteran patient in order to have me arrested and jailed – well, (redacted) as a VA representative destroys the very point of existence of the VA, which is to say that the VA establishes itself as a medical care institution designed to meet the special needs of veterans and especially combat veterans. Yes, the VA categorizes each veteran. One is either a combat veteran or one is a veteran.
    Then, La Malfa has his office lapdog angrily hang up on all veterans who ask for more information. La Malfa merely sucks up to his other cronies in Congress – a Congress that is showing itself to be anti-veteran. Vote for Denny, 1st District.

  2. Jacqueline Audrey-Christine Avouris August 2, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Keep up the GRAND WORK

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