This Veterans month, the VA, in collaboration local Community Veteran Engagement Boards, hosted a nationwide series of VetTalkX events in November. These events feature Veterans sharing their stories of post-military life.

The percentage of Americans who currently serve in the military is at its lowest point in history, VetTalkX showcases the exemplary talents and experiences of some of our nation’s brightest Veterans and shifts the conversation to more accurate Veteran perceptions. The reality is that most Veterans are exceptional citizens with life experiences that few understand.


  • Hear a Veteran tell their story on how the military service prepared them for the civilian world and led them to success.
  • Be part of a national narrative that helps Americans become less likely to relate homelessness, unemployment, and PTSD to Veteran status and will empower those leaving the military and reintegrating into their communities.

During a VetTalkX, live and virtual audiences will listen to Veterans share how military service prepared them for civilian life and personal and professional success. The 2018 VetTalkX dates and locations are:

Questions, concerns, or need for more information on how to host a VetTalkX, please email

This blog written by David Francavilla.

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Published on Nov. 28, 2018

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