image of Job seekers at Dallas hiring event

Job seekers at Dallas hiring event

Earlier this month, the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiative (CFOI) co-sponsored a hiring event in Dallas. The event featured more than 140 employers who were offering 14,000 open positions. Many of the organizations on site were prepared to conduct interviews and make direct hires right there at the event. Companies represented at the event included Dallas VA Medical Center, VA North Texas Health Care System. local law enforcement, U.S. Customs & Border Control, and other Dallas area corporations.

“We’re here to get Veterans out and get Veterans hired,” said Stephen B. Dillard, director of CFOI. “That’s our main mission today.” Hosted at Gilley’s event venue, the hiring fair received 756 job seekers who received 295 contingent offers and 16 direct hires.

Along with the job opportunities, a local mobile Vet center was parked out front to provide counseling to anyone who may have been experiencing emotional distress or other concern requiring attention. VA also hosted a series of breakout sessions that educated attendees on survivor benefits, Veteran homelessness, serving Women Veterans, eBenefits enrollment, tribal Veterans and memorial affairs.

image of VA careers at hiring event

VA careers at hiring event

VA’s CFOI cultivates and develops relationships with faith-based, nonprofit, and community/neighborhood organizations, working with them as partners to serve Veterans, their families, caregivers, survivors and other beneficiaries. The center educates, engages, and informs organizations about issues facing Veterans and the benefits, programs, and services VA provides. Through CFOI outreach efforts, opportunities are provided for external partners to expand their understanding of, and participation in, VA programs.

CFOI supported other events in November to include a Veterans month celebration in Miami and a regional outreach event in California, both including the breakout sessions that were featured in Dallas.

To learn more about the center and how it is supporting our community, visit their webpage at


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Published on Nov. 21, 2018

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  1. Sammy Hemp November 21, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Get the f(redacted) ‘christians’ out.
    Are participating employers expected to pledge obedience to ‘god’?
    Must they be ‘pro-life’?
    Must they discriminate against gays and muslims?
    Where does the funding come from for such events? Strings attached?
    Are ‘prayer breaks’ held?
    Oh, let’s not pick on the poor, put-upon christians. Equally bad and untrustworthy? All the rest of ‘religious organizations’…er…businesses/corporations.
    The ‘good’ work they may be doing is far overshadowed by some evil subtext about submitting ones will to a fantasy world.
    ‘mericans are already clueless about the subtle, low key, slow moving coup throughout all military branches perpetrated by right wing, fundamentalist, religious freaks.
    Folks didn’t pay attention before and we wound up with nightmare Drumpf and all his nasty, greedy minions.
    Yes, we will get fooled again. But, not all of us are so blind and ignorant.
    All Vet services should and must be a spiritual, religious, believing free zone. It’s a no go.

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