The Goldsboro, North Carolina Veterans Experience Action Center (VEAC), led by the Winston-Salem VBA Regional Office, brought  staff, Veteran service organizations, community service providers and other government partners together to provide services, resources, and information directly to Veterans and Military Families in their community.

The Winston-Salem Regional Office and community partners throughout North Carolina have been spearheading these Action Centers since 2014 and continue to provide first class customer experience through these full service community-based events.

VA staff and other community partners assist a female Veteran at the Goldsboro, North Carolina Veterans Experience Action Center.

VA staff and other community partners assist a female Veteran during the event.

“The Goldsboro VEAC set the gold standard taking care of Veterans. These action centers reduce anxiety and allow Veterans to cut to the chase and get the benefits they deserve,” said Dom, a U.S. Army Veteran attending the event.

Over two days, the center gathered more than 12 community partner organizations and dozens of VA staff to serve more than 550 Veterans, their families, care givers and survivors.

Veterans and families were able to file claims and receive decisions on site, obtain Veteran service organization representation, receive counseling services through the mobile Vet Center, learn about many other community resources through NCServes, and more.

Food was provided during the Veterans Experience Action Center, several Veterans drove from other states to get information and assistance.

Food was provided during the event.

”Veterans get lots of info, with claims, appeals and face-to-face time with a VBA rater. Even if the Veteran is denied they leave satisfied, knowing why and next steps, this (VEACs) should be the national model.”–Tresa, Air Force Veteran and DAV service officer

Feedback from those who were there to provide help or from those who were there seeking information and assistance, is that often times Veterans and their families are unsure of what is out there as far as benefits and services and how to get them. Attending a Veterans experience action center empowers Veterans with same day answers.

Partnering with the leadership of local Regional Offices, Medical Centers, and Cemeteries, the Veterans Experience Office is planning several more VEACs this year across the country, including one in Davenport, Iowa. Learn more at: 


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Published on Mar. 14, 2019

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