A few weeks ago, VA held its first career fair and expo in Washington D.C., drawing more than 4,100 Veterans from the mid-Atlantic region. On Thursday, we got some numbers back from the event:

Over 500 Veterans walked away with tentative job offers, with hopefully more on the way.

More than 2,600 Vets conducted interviews with hiring managers from government agencies and private companies like Microsoft, Safeway, and Citigroup

700 Veterans signed up for MyheatheVet and eBenefits, which manage health and benefits data

30 homeless Veterans were received and referred to care

I attended the career fair and could barely make my way around the convention showroom. Veterans of all ages and experience bounded to hiring booths, interview lines and resume workshops. Most of the folks I talked to knew that everyone couldn’t walk away with a job, but the event still got resumes polished and interview skills honed.

Now that a model for the career fair has been established, VA is looking to expand the events throughout the country. VA for Vets, our resource to help Vets find careers at VA, will be showcased at the National Veterans Small Business Conference in Detroit from June 25-29.

About 30 percent of VA’s workforce is comprised of Veterans. Secretary Shinseki has pledged to increase that to 40 percent, which I think most Vets would be happy to see.

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Published on Feb. 2, 2012

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  1. AG February 17, 2012 at 3:15 am

    It is too bad that the VA itself are not hiring in higher #s and some shady hiring officials will hire their friends (inexperienced at that) over a veteran. No one cares even the OIG.
    More veterans needs to be hired and the VA should be the role model for this.

  2. Edward Zinn February 7, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Wow thats a big push and good for those with the offers. But here we go again with this WHERE was it OH. Washington DC. Did I hear about it. No trust me I stay on top of things like this. Yet again how about the homeless looking for jobs or the ones just released from a dap program. Its all fine and dandy but yet again veterans are still not getting hired. It was so funny when i read this. Sorry I am so rolling off the bed right now. Please get a grips with reality cause YOU have a JOB and PLACE to SLEEP. There is still 67000 of US HOMELESS VETERANS with out a PLACE to SLEEP and 5% of the HOMELESS VET populatuion is OIF/OEF veterans like myself. Wow I came back and Im facing homeless and ptsd and battling substance abuse but all steamed that the va was not helping vets out with anything when i got in 2006. Now reality sets in I been though a DAP and TR program thats saved my life and I appreciated that. But how about me being homeless and not finding a job. You tell me where the pride in serving your country is?

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