Your Intel Report for this week:

  • Secretary Shinseki met with Veterans at a trade school that began accepting the Post-9/11 GI Bill for the first time this year. Veterans can now use education benefits at institutions beyond traditional universities.
  • This year, 20 Mobile Vet Centers will roll out in support mental health and counseling services for Veterans in rural areas, bringing the nationwide fleet to 70.
  • VA’s Million Veteran Program seeks Vets willing to donate blood to help solve genetic mysteries of disease. The samples would help VA researchers develop preventive programs and better treatment for everything from diabetes to PTSD.
  • Starting this month, VA will be sending out health benefits handbooks to Veterans that are tailored specific to their needs. The handbook will answer common questions such as contact information for the Veteran’s local facility, instructions on how to schedule appointments, guidelines for communicating treatment needs and an explanation of the Veteran’s responsibilities, such as co-pays, if applicable. Look for it in the mail.
  • “What can VA do for me?” It’s a question a lot of Veterans have, whether they’re ten days out of the service or ten years. Check out the different ways VA can provide Vets with services and benefits.

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Published on Feb. 10, 2012

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  1. Fred February 12, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Other than the claims and appels, I have had many postive interactions at VA Boston. My concern now is that I believe HIPA is being violated in many offices. Recently I have had appointments where the computer screens are now facing the waiting area for all too see. I thought confidentiality was utmost. This has to change. Also there is too much paperwork being handed out and /or mail with full Social Security Numbers on them, this can cause major problems if it get in the wrong hands, only last 4 digets of a person SS# should be on any piece of paper.

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