On June 6, the Department of Veterans Affairs kicked off an important piece of the MISSION Act that lets our Veterans use community care providers across America.

It’s an historic change – and it is working because of you!

On the very first day, more than 44,000 Veterans used the Decision Support Tool to examine whether they are eligible for community care. In the early stages of the program, we’re seeing only minor technical issues that are being resolved quickly once they’re spotted.

We also launched a new urgent care network that is now being accessed by nearly 300 Veterans a day.

The smooth rollout of a major program is never a sure thing in Washington, D.C. But your excellent work on the MISSION Act got the attention of the White House and President Trump, who praised the VA’s dedicated staff for its performance.

I’m proud to work with so many talented people at the VA. I thank you for all you’ve done to make this new system a reality for our wounded warriors, and its immediate use shows Veterans are also thankful.

This victory belongs to you, and to the growing number of Veterans the MISSION Act will help in the months and years. Thank you again, and congratulations.



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Published on Jun. 27, 2019

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  1. Richard Edwards July 5, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    I so wish I could join these, “ain’t the VA wonderful, just ask us!” I’ve had a 5 year battle trying to get the VA to simply fix a typo error on my 214 that has lead into years of; actually I don’t know how to put words to it or possibly describe it. During this long mentally exhausting exercise I’ve now been told I have terminal cancer, but there’s zero history of this anywhere in my family, seems agent orange is the only link. What started in 2010 as an attempt to have my business certified as veteran owned, which has never been completed – thanks typo, and years of trying to overcome a simple typo that I could not be identified has grown into more difficulties now in proving I am breathing and was in Vietnam and even in the Army. Now complicated with delay after delay in trying to achieve disabled status and the possibility of some compensation. I never started wanting a penny, but after years of so much frustration, being lied to, phone transferred to non-existing sites, wrong phone numbers, and the overwhelming feeling after trying to get somewhere or talk to anyone that I’m a piece of dung, and with so many glimmers of hope fast eroding when that source didn’t exist. I’d give about anything to have 15 minutes with Robert Wilkie and provide a real world look at a real experience of trying to deal with the VA. The majority of these people are there to collect a paycheck, I’ve been told that by many VA employees, want names? Now after months and month and months with no indication of when I will be processed or receive any claim, the frustration is off scale. What’s worse, did you know that the VA has zero, that is no remorse, so I’m dying and the VA owes me, yet if they never get me processed in time, guess who looses? Yep, me. There’s no retroactive anything. So what incentive is there to process? nothing at all, by the VA being slow the guy that got shot, mortared, rocketed, then mentally abused loses the battle and the war and the taxpayer’s save.

  2. Dennis L Noah June 29, 2019 at 11:44 am

    We shall see. Yesterday I was referred to a middleman company in D.C. by my local VA. The middleman is supposed to establish an appointment with a private provider. I was informed that it will require 7 to10 days to schedule the appointment. I do not know how much time after the latter the actual appointment will be.

  3. Leon D. Edwards June 28, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    I am home bound.
    I had in home service. On oxygen.(VA) Bi-Pap equipment (One kidney) Stage 4, lung disease close to end-stage, Receive a letter Today that I have to manually pick up a new oxygen machine from Columbia SC 70 miles from my home(not my newly assigned Primary Care) Charleston SC….Several other health conditions exists……I have contacted VA Savannah Ga. and Hot line Washington….Several Case # are available… Never contacted …..ALL information verifiable…..

  4. Randy Hollis June 28, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    Have you had an opportunity to consider adding any other cancers to the AO presumptive disease list. On Team Inspire I had read that you might possibly make that decision toward the end of June?

    I served in Vietnam 67-68 and like many of my fellow soldiers was exposed often to Agent Blue, just one of the many Herbicides use during the war to assist in killing vegetation in the Central Highlands as well as the MeKong Delta provinces.
    Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2006, three surgeries and have been clean ever since thank God. I still get probed twice a year at the local VA Clinic.
    I never smoked, I do not and have not ever drank alcohol and there is no evidence of BC in my family history. Therefore, I and thousands of other Vietnam and Korean Vets are frustrated that BC has never been added even though there have been several IOM reports suggesting their is a correlation between herbicides and BC, especially agent Blue, (inorganic arsenic).
    Your consideration would be appreciated by literally thousands of Veterans that served proudly.

    Randy Hollis
    4th Infantry Division
    11B, 67-68

  5. Mike Durkin June 28, 2019 at 11:12 am

    I’m waiting still for a call, since the roll out, from the VA for a pulmonary specialist. Why does it take 3 weeks and counting to get a phone call with an appointment ?
    Pat yourself on the back all you want but this program appears no better than the last program that didn’t work.
    I tried to get disability for breathing problems from 2 bouts of pneumonia while ETSing in 1975. I was told by the sergeant if you weren’t shot blown up or missing a limb you don’t have a disability. I was denied by a sergeant not even a Dr.
    That’s 524 months of disability payments and healthcare for over 40 years. The best way to cut the budget is to just tell VETERANS NO WE DON’T COVER THAT.
    I soon got a letter from the VA saying they were not funding my era at this time so I couldn’t use my benefits. I’m now denied being see at the Haley Spine Clinic and the Haley inpatient pain clinic for spine damage.
    The VA has a plaque in Cape Coral covering the Merchant Marines yet the VA won’t cover my spine damage as a result of operating a vessel on navigable waters of the U.S.
    I get webinars and and emails but no calls to help me.
    Pat yourself on the back because I surely won’t

  6. Donald p Kerns June 27, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    I have asked a number of VA representative about increasing my disability and I always get the answer that if I do I would probably lose and I would re-open everything I am 100% with the 10% unemployability my real rating is 94% I don’t know if this is gonna be the policy of VA to threaten veterans if we apply

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