Women Veterans are the fastest growing Veteran population and are increasingly using VA for health care. Stories of their military experiences and life accomplishments deserve greater attention. Many women Veterans tell their stories through art.

This year, VA and the Women Veterans Art Project (WVAP) are working together to host art exhibitions at select VA medical centers nationwide. Women Veteran artists created all the artwork exhibited. The exhibits recognize Women Veterans and educate the public about their service.

Art builds awareness of women’s service

The exhibitions are held throughout November, which is Veterans Month. They are a collaboration between the VA Center for Women Veterans and the VHA Women’s Health Service. The exhibits showcase women Veterans, promote their diverse contributions to the defense of our nation and build awareness of their service.

To find out if there will be a women Veteran’s art exhibit in your community, contact your local VA Medical Center’s Office of Public Affairs.

Visit https://www.womenshealth.va.gov/ to learn more about VA health care and services for women Veterans.

This article is courtesy the VA’s Women’s Health Services Office. The Women Veterans Health Program was created in 1988. It streamlines services for women Veterans to provide more cost-effective medical and psychosocial care. VA’s Women’s Health Services provides programmatic and strategic support to implement positive changes in providing care for women Veterans.

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Published on Nov. 20, 2019

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  1. Deborah Hirshberg December 1, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    Photography: Women veterans art projects, veteran’s business, donations of art/photography

    To participate in the 1) art projects, or provide photography, framed photos for 2) donation, or 3) Photography through TITLE 41 USC FEDERAL CONTRACTS for artwork purchases by the VA of work for display from a veteran business, which office is the correct office with the VA, or the VHA, to contact for each of these options?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Deborah Hirshberg, BSci, CJA, MPA, JA

    Acts, errors, omissions may not be mine.

    I continue to BE OPPOSED TO ILLICIT drugs, marijuana, cigarettes, vapors, e-cigarettes, etc. I support marriage between MAN and Woman.

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