The Mission Continues helps Veterans and other service members continue their service after serving in uniform. Utilizing skills developed in the military, Veteran volunteers deploy to work alongside other non-profit groups to make improvements in under-resourced communities.

The Mission Continues Core Values

The non-profit centers their work around five core values:

  • Work Hard
  • Trust
  • Learn and Grow
  • Respect
  • Have Fun

These values influence how the organization and its volunteers operate.

Who Can Volunteer?

Thousands of volunteers throughout the country work with The Mission Continues every year. Volunteering opportunities are open to Veterans, National Guard and reserve members; some are open to civilians. The organization offers programs for volunteers to help communities, including deployment groups that work in a particular city.

These groups work on various projects, including helping to renovate schools and clean up parks, as well as working with organizations like The Boys and Girls Club of America.

Leaders of Social Change

One of the leading training programs offered, the Service Leadership Corps, prepares volunteers to become community-based leaders of social change. The program requires an application and Veterans must commit to three to five hours per week for approximately six months, along with attending four weekend sessions.

The program pays for travel, meals and lodging for these four sessions. In addition, volunteers must reside in a metro area of a city where the organization operates in and meet certain requirements relating to their service record.

Professional Development Grants are available for qualifying members who complete the Service Leadership Corps program. There are also job openings offered by The Mission Continues, with over 50% of their employees being Veterans.

Connect with other Veterans

Volunteering with The Mission Continues provides many benefits. Veterans use skills developed from the military to help a community while making connections with other Veterans and those in their area. Volunteers also build on communication and resilience skills throughout their work.

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Written by Isabel Nulter and graphics designed by Austin Waters, student interns working with VA’s Digital Media Engagement team.

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Published on Jan. 15, 2020

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    Where are Post Exchanges located in New Jersey and New York?

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