Editor’s note: This is the third essay in a 12-part Father’s Day series entitled, Honoring Fathers Who Serve. In May, we asked readers to submit essays about the men who have served our country.

Jason and Alyse Fay

My dad’s name is Jay Fay, J-P-F. He was in the Army in Alaska from 1989-1993. He was a member of the 501st Airborne Infantry as an arctic paratrooper. During this time he was in a car accident with a friend who was test driving a car and it flipped. My dad got really hurt. He had punctured his lung, ruptured his spleen, and broke his collar bone, his ribs, and his hand. He was on a ventilator for 58 days. It took my dad 6 months to get better. The entire process of getting better made my dad decide to become a Physical Therapist. After his time in the Army, he decided to go to Slippery Rock University to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He graduated with his first degree in Community Health and then went to graduate school for three more years and got his degree as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He had worked very hard to recover and finish his time in the Army. He also worked hard at school. He now works for the VA in Pittsburgh helping Veterans. I am so happy when I get to see my dad at work. I want to become a Physical Therapist too and work with my dad. I am proud of you, dad!

Alyse Fay is nine years old and recently finished the third grade.

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Published on Jun. 13, 2012

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  1. The VAPHS Rehab Staff June 14, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Great article Alyse! Jason, thank you for your service to our Country and to the Veterans who benefit from your compassionate rehab care.

  2. Alena June 13, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Just the other day, I took my Big Brother to Lunch. I live in Washington, and he lives in California. We always go to the RED LOBSTER because I am a “Shrimp Addict”, and he is too. In 1962, my brother was in the USMC, stationed in Japan. I use to always look forward to getting a letter or a postcard from him, and especially from Japan.
    In 1972, I decided to join the WM’s (Woman Marines.) I was 24 years old. There were 4 of us girls’ from California, each one got California for their duty station. When I asked the Gunny, why wasn’t going to be stationed in beautiful, downtown California, the Gunny told me, “Look Spencer, you will go where ever the Marine Corps need you, and they need you in Cherry Point, North Carolina”. So off I went. After 10 days of leave, I packed my Sea Bag and headed East. My older brother. and my youngest brother all served this country, along with me. So whenever the young men and women pass by me at the beginning of a Football Game, or at a Ceremony, I stand up, and I salute the flag. I am one of 10 children, 3 of having served in the Marine Corps and 1 Brother in the US Air Force. Am I proud to be a former”Lady Marine”, You can bank of it!! Thank-you for the chance to vocalize my thoughts, Sgt. Alena Cola, USMC, Retired

  3. darlene June 13, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    I wander if my dad is proud of me?

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