Are you a sponsoring Veteran or beneficiary of VA’s CHAMPVA program? (CHAMPVA stands for Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs.) If so, you and your health care provider may have wondered if CHAMPVA would reimburse the cost of certain medical treatments. Reimbursement may also apply to medications and durable medical equipment. With CHAMPVA Pay, this information will be right at your fingertips!

CHAMPVA is excited to release CHAMPVA Pay. CHAMPVA Pay is an app for your mobile device. The program is also available as a website for your personal computer. The program helps you and your health care provider determine which treatments, medications or equipment CHAMPVA will reimburse. Medical codes determine if there is a cost.

To download CHAMPVA Pay, go to the Google Play website  or the VA app store. Next, select the CHAMPVA Pay application icon for download. The versions on both sites are compatible with iOS (Apple) products. A short instructional video that explains how to use the app is included with the download.

CHAMPVA Pay is available as a website and an Android app. To access the website on any iOS or Android device and on computers, click “Launch in Browser” in the VA App Store.

Again, there is no cost for this app!

After downloading the app, enter the CPT (treatment code), ICD-10 (diagnostic code), National Drug Code or DME code into the corresponding search box.

You will then receive one of three possible answers. The first is, “Yes, this service is reimbursable.” The second, “No, this service is not reimbursable.” The third, “Yes, with conditions.” The third response will include a request that you call the contact center to learn what those special conditions are.

Updates to existing codes and additions of new medical codes are made quarterly, therefore, information in the app should be as accurate as possible.

This blog updates a story posted February 18, 2020.

Glenn Johnson is chief of health care media for the Veterans Health Administration’s Office of Community Care.

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Published on Apr. 2, 2020

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