Veterans never have to miss story time with children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or another special child thanks to United Through Reading. For over 30 years, UTR has helped service members video record themselves reading a book to send to a child in their life, reading together no matter the distance. Their program is available to Veterans as well.United through reading mobile app screen

Download the United Though Reading mobile app

Their new free and secure app is available on Android and iOS. Veterans can verify military service with, the same partner and login option available for signing into, and record! Veterans can download here.

Order a free book

Need a free book? No problem, order one from their app book order form.

By making recordings with United Through Reading, Veterans will always be able to participate in story time with the children in their lives. Children can watch the recordings on demand, and the Veteran can easily be part of daily routines even when they can’t be with the child, whether due to distance, work hours, medical care, or other reasons.

“I was very excited to be reading to my twin grandkids for their first United Through Reading recorded stories,” said Air Force Veteran Denise M. Jelinski-Hall. “In my heart, I knew they would love the time with grandma reading some of what would become their favorite stories. I also felt like I was making a difference for them during the times of our separation.”

In a recent study, 100% of participants said that United Through Reading improved their family’s morale during times of separation.

Reading to kids builds connections

Reading aloud to children helps build important literacy skills from birth. It also builds important family connections, even when done virtually with a United Through Reading recording. A UTR recording reassures children that their loved one is thinking of them even when they are apart. The recordings also provide support to the at-home caregiver. While video chatting is a great way to stay in touch, a UTR recording is always available, accessible, and repeatable when video calls may not be able to happen.

United Through Reading also has Story Stations in VA Clinics in Prescott, Arizona, and Battle Creek, Michigan. Veterans in those cities can access the program by contacting Cory Sanders in Prescott and Katie Proeber in Battle Creek. Other in person locations can be found on the United Through Reading website. 

The sharing of any non-VA information does not constitute an endorsement of products and services on part of the VA. 

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Published on Jul. 29, 2020

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