This year, Veterans 55 years of age and older will join us for a series of sport challenges and competitions allowing them to continue in the spirit of the NVGAG and show their athleticism “At Home!”

Proud medal winner – pre-COVID.

We are looking forward to sharing Veterans’ “Fitness for Life” At Home Edition entries May 10-28, 2021.

The games are being held in May to coincide with Older Americans Month.

Let’s keep going the distance. We’re excited to offer this competition and give our Veterans an opportunity to show their athletic spirit from home.

“Nothing can replace the sights, the sounds, the camaraderie or the energy of being together in person,” said Carla Ruff, director of the Golden Age Games. “But as we planned the virtual alternative for 2021, we wanted to make it as close to the real competition as we could.”

You can cheer on your Veteran!

Perhaps the biggest piece missing from a virtual event are the fans. This year’s games has found a way for the public to encourage Veteran athletes who will compete for medal honors.

Fans in the Stands allows anyone to register and create video messages or cards to cheer on Veterans that will be shared on social media.

“We’re really excited about the Fans in the Stands,” Ruff said. “We wanted to give volunteers, families, friends and anyone who wants to show their support and appreciation, a way to participate and motivate the Veterans competing.”

We hope this At Home edition will inspire our athletes to stay active and honor the Games’ “Fitness for Life” motto.

Carrying the torch – pre-COVID.

At Home competitions include:

  • Air Rifle
  • Basketball free throw
  • Bowling
  • Blind disc golf
  • Cycling
  • Powerwalk
  • Track and Field
  • Trivia

The National Veterans Golden Age Games offer sports and recreational competitive events for Veterans 55 years of age and older. It is the largest sports and recreation competition for this age group of military Veterans in the world.

The Games continue to serve as a showcase for the rehabilitation value that wellness and fitness provide in the lives of older Americans.

The games are an outgrowth of the historic involvement in geriatric programs by VA. For many years, VA has put major emphasis on health and fitness with the goal of Veterans living healthier, longer lives. Many of the events began as recreational activities at VA hospitals and nursing home care units across the country.

Sports and therapeutic recreation program

A “fountain of youth” for the rapidly aging Veteran population, the Games provide a multi-event sports and therapeutic recreation program for eligible Veterans receiving care at any VA medical facility.

It is the premier senior adaptive rehabilitation program in the United States. It is the only national seniors’ program that improves the quality of life for all older Veterans. That includes those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.

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Published on May. 10, 2021

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