Want to join VA's Digital Media Engagement team as a Virtual Volunteer?
VA’s Office of Public Affairs’ Digital Media Engagement (DME) team is expanding its Virtual Volunteer program to invite new volunteers to help create content that honors Veterans and helps them learn more about their benefits. The Virtual Volunteer program will be open to currently enrolled college students and college graduates who have skills in various forms of digital content creation, social media management and accessibility.

The first step to apply to join the DME Virtual Volunteer Team is simple: just complete this form. Please make certain to include any skills you have that would be an asset to our digital media team. If those skills match our needs, you will be contacted.

New virtual volunteers need to register with the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) and will be assigned to VA’s Digital Media Engagement team. Joining the VAVS will include completing any application forms, participating in an initial interview with the VAVS coordinator and an on-boarding session with VAVS. We will provide you with the forms and help you with this process. Any applicant who successfully completes this process will begin on-boarding as a Virtual Volunteer with the DME team.

Upon joining the Virtual Volunteer team, you will receive some training regarding how to communicate with your team and how our virtual workflow functions. You will then be able to start working on projects for VA’s VAntage Point blog, the Borne the Battle podcast, various social media channels, web development and more. Please be aware that the VAVS requires a minimum of 10 hours per week and you must document your volunteer hours and update VAVS each week.

For any questions, email us directly at dmevolunteers.va@gmail.com.

Writer: Aristeo Hernandez

Editor: Michaela Yesis

Graphic Design: Erin Gallagher

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Published on May. 13, 2021

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  1. jason June 3, 2021 at 12:03 am

    i show my brown disabled veteran id card at HD and i’ve never had any problems.

  2. Dennis Cauchi May 14, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    FYI…. I was just on the phone with Homedepot Corporate after reading reports of Honorably Discharged Veterans being turned down for their 10% everyday military discount because they did not have a “Service Connected” labeled VA ( Medical ) Card. The corporate representative assured me over the phone that the VA VIC CARD ( The photo ID Choose VA Card also labeled Veterans Identification Card ) is on their list of acceptable Veteran’s ID that they will honor for their everyday 10% MILITARY DISCOUNT or as an alternative a DD 214 with a valid photo ID ( Drivers Licence, Official State issued ID, etc ). Hope this will help clarify things. I called their corporate media number at 770 384 4646 but I’m pretty sure they can attend to similar inquiries at their I 800 466 3337 number also. From the volume of Veteran complaints out there about being denied the discount, it is obvious that their associate training programs are quite lacking. I would suggest a quick flash of your particular ID at the Customer Service desk ( if the line isn’t too long ) upon entering the store just to make sure any at the register problems can be hopefully avoided or nipped at the bud. And maybe bring the Corporate number with you as added ammunition. OR… Just go to a Lowes if you have one nearby but remember you will have to sign up with them online beforehand to permanently register and exercise your everyday 10%discount privileges with a streamlined check-out experience there. All the Best and thank you all for your Service.

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