In Series 2, Episode 4 of the VA Technology Acquisition Center (TAC) podcast, TAC Talks, we discuss “Innovation in Acquisition.”

In 2014, the federal government acknowledged that simplifying the federal contracting space was critical to driving greater innovation, creativity and improved performance. Efforts were launched with the goal of improving the economy and efficiency of the Federal acquisition system by increasing opportunities for businesses to participate in the federal marketplace that would realize costs savings and provide the best solution for the taxpayer.

Transformation and modernization doesn’t happen overnight. Achieving a more innovative, efficient and effective acquisition system that supports the needs of a 21st century government takes initiative, adaptability, buy-in and the proper tools to implement an actionable plan. To that end, the federal government implemented a number of policies and guidance to agencies that identified the actions necessary to address industry concerns and strengthen and improve federal acquisition practices.

In our last episode, we focused on one approach that would improve efficiency by achieving greater cost savings managing spend-through category management. In this episode, we continue to drill down into the federal government’s initiative to transform federal acquisition by driving innovation through various tools, training and more flexible and innovative acquisition practices.

This episode’s panel includes:

Robert Kirzow, director, Procurement Service A, VA TAC

Matthew Ginty, director, Procurement Service D, VA TAC

Joshua Cohen, contracting officer, VA TAC


By Charles Ross is the director of Procurement Service B at VA TAC

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Published on Nov. 12, 2021

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