Are you one of the fewer than half of all women Veterans not using the VA benefits and services you have earned? VA wants to hear from you.

Designed to help understand why women Veterans are not accessing their earned benefits and services, the Center for Women Veterans (CWV) recently launched a women Veterans survey to find answers to crucial questions like:

Do you know if you are eligible?

Do you trust VA?

Do you feel respected?”

The survey is completely anonymous, and it takes less than five minutes to complete. It is for any woman who served in the U.S. military but who is not using her VA benefits and services.

Because so many of our sister Veterans speak Spanish and Tagalog as their first language, we are excited to announce that the survey is now available in Spanish and Tagalog versions. Simply click on the link and you’ll find the language option in the top right corner. It’s the same link regardless of your language preference.

Our goal is to receive at least 20,000 responses from women Veterans in 2022. Partners, stakeholders and anyone who knows a woman Veteran can help us achieve that goal through different ways.

  1. Share the survey far and wide within your network. We aim to reach women Veterans wherever they may be, and we can achieve this with your help.
  2. Assist through your programs and events. We recognize that not everyone will have electronic access so we hope partners like you can assist our women Veterans take the survey. Especially for partners like VSO’s and advocates, you will be able to assist in your offices, stand downs, events, homes or shelters.

“We truly are stronger together. Whether you were an E1 or an executive, our shared bond of military service binds us together in sisterhood. We have a responsibility to keep lifting each other as well as find new ways to support our other sisters,” said Lourdes Tiglao, executive director, Center for Women Veterans. “Our voices matter, make them count.”

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One important reminder: This survey is for women Veterans who do not use VA benefits and services.

“VA Cares, and our goal is to ensure every woman who served knows her Veteran status, what benefits and services are available to you, and that you trust VA and feel respected,” said Liz Estabrooks, deputy director, Center for Women Veterans. “But if that isn’t true for you and you don’t use your benefits and services, it is our hope you’ll take the survey to help guide VA toward how we can make improvements that bring you home to VA.”

Take the survey here:

CWV is here to help you find the support you need. We ask that our women Veterans contact us directly and securely at Ask VA with questions or concerns.

By Retired Navy Chief Missina Schallus is the communications manager for VA’s Center for Women Veterans

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Published on Feb. 6, 2022

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  1. BECKY L CROSS February 19, 2022 at 6:19 pm

    Read the following news article where a female veteran with breast cancer was misdiagnosed with mental illness for over 2 years until her cancer had progressed to Stage 4. Treated with psychotropic drugs instead of receiving thorough medical testing to rule out medical illness. Like me, subject to mental health stigmatization and gender stereotyping which those in the VA who are supposed to advocate for veterans found immensely amusing. I am permanently disabled because of the complete failure of numerous providers in the Black Hills VA Healthcare System to recognize serious medical illness and instead entered notes in my medical records regarding my hair style in the ER and further stating I was coming in to flirt with male nurses at 2 am. What’s the truth? I had 2 bacterial infections progressing to my brain through my cranial nerves. Sure sounds like anxiety and attention seeking behavior, right? Lie, delay, deny, and ignore is what the VA does best where care of female veterans is concerned.

  2. A Fitch February 8, 2022 at 11:24 am

    Honor Courage and Commitment, Nagy core values. But the assaults still continue. The military ignored what was happening to female sailors and so does the VA. It’s the same system and females are again victimized.

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