• The Sandwich: Nutrition in the palm of your hand

    Vegetables with a protein and starch. The sandwich is a delicious option for health-conscious eaters looking to eat on-the-go.

  • ‘Burgers of Fame’ celebrates VA doctor

    Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nichole Robinson was surprised when she learned a local restaurant had named the mushroom swiss burger after her.

  • Dietitian nutritionist celebrates culinary arts

    VA dietitian nutritionist describes how to create new foods during National Culinary Arts Month.

  • Veterans view healthy kitchen videos from home

    Northern Indiana VA Nutrition and Food Services classes allow Veterans to watch healthy kitchen recipe demonstrations via VA Video Connect.

  • Fresh Focus “Heart to Home” episodes: #61-63

    In each episode of this six-episode Heart to Home series on the Fresh Focus podcast, VA dietitians are dishing out heart health tips from hospital discharge to home.

  • VA Telehealth improves access to nutrition services

    Veterans access Nutrition and Food Services programs offered by VA with technology like VA Video Connect. Virtual visits have positive impact.

  • Make your diet Mediterranean

    Mediterranean diet is known for its anti-inflammatory health benefits that may improve blood pressure levels, lower cholesterol and more.

  • Healthier kidneys through your kitchen

    Dietitians with Lexington VA developed a Healthier Kidneys Through Your Kitchen program with medical nutrition therapy to slow disease progression.

  • Fresh Focus episodes #55-57: Celebrating National Nutrition Month

    March is National Nutrition Month and the VA dietitians with the Fresh Focus podcast encourage us to “Celebrate a World of Flavors.”

  • National Nutrition Month: Celebrate a world of flavors

    National Nutrition Month - This year we are celebrating nutrition and food from cultures and cuisines around the world.

  • Your Commissary challenges Veterans for National Nutrition Month

    Your Commissary challenges Veterans to supercharge nutrition in March. March is National Nutrition Month. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Have your snacks and protect your heart

    Snacks are a bridge between meals to help keep us full and energized. They also help increase our consumption of the important food groups.

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