• Myth-busting: Countering the claim that VA only hires from within

    In our mission to serve Veterans, our goal is to hire the best candidates, no matter where they come from. Time for some myth-busting.

  • Following up: the key to a job search.

      Career Advice is imperative when searching for a job. […]

  • Finding Peace on the Other Side of the World

    A Veteran shares advice based on his experiences after deployment and integration back to civilian life.

  • Easy Steps to College Success

    A Veteran shares advice for a post-military college experience, including joining a Veteran organization and participating in community outreach.

  • The National Veteran Small Business Conference

    Jason Hull of OpenSource Connections shares his experience and tips for the National Veteran Small Business Conference.

  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Spring

    A Registered Dietitian and MOVE! Program Coordinator shares her 10 tips to help Veterans get fit and stay healthy during the Spring.

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