• #VeteranOfTheDay Air Force Veteran Judith Fedder

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Air Force Veteran Judith Fedder, who served for 35 years and was the deputy chief of staff for logistics, installations and mission support.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Air Force Veteran Janice Adams

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Air Force Veteran Janice Adams. She served for over 24 years before founding JMA Solutions, a government consulting firm.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Air Force Veteran James Lee Harper

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is U.S. Air Force Veteran James Lee Harper, who served as a combat cameraman.

  • William Moody: Wrestling’s Paul Bearer

    Air Force Veteran William Moody performed in the professional wrestling business for over a decade as Paul Bearer, the manager of The Undertaker.

  • Faces of Service immortalizes Veterans and their stories

    Faces of Service captures photos and stories of Veterans dating back to World War II. So far, 160 Veterans have shared their story.

  • Biloxi VA Chief of Police runs to honor fallen officer

    The Biloxi VA Chief of Police participated in a run dedicated to fallen VA police officers, noting a fallen officer will never be forgotten.

  • Opening the Door: Talking about your trauma story

    Knowing if, when, and how to share your trauma story takes some thought. Disclosing trauma with someone you trust can help you recover.

  • Veteran finds relief from VA therapy animal visits

    Animal visits as therapy can be complementary treatment for mental health and behavioral health disorders like depression and substance use.

  • Eastern Oklahoma VA thankful for volunteers

    Air Force Veteran Rod Ramsell has enjoyed volunteering at the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center in Oklahoma for the past six years.

  • More than just a game: Tulsa-based golf program helps Veterans

    PGA HOPE is free to Veterans and funded by PGA REACH with a mission to positively impact the lives of youth, military, and diverse populations through golf.

  • Air Force Veteran Stacy Colussy: “Unbelievable strides in women’s care at VA.”

    Veteran Stacy Colussy really likes her VA health care. “If I’m coming in for a Pap smear, do I have to go in with all these guys? No.”

  • Borne the Battle #269: Air Force Veteran Larry Spencer, Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, President of the Armed Forces Benefit Association

    This week's episode features Air Force Veteran and former Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force Larry Spencer, who is now president of the Air Force Association.

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