• VA biomedical engineer a pioneer in prosthetics technology

    Childress helped pioneer the myoelectric control system—a technology that applies electrical signals from muscles to activate prosthetic limbs.

  • VIDEO: Biomedical engineers support Veteran care throughout VA

    Michelle Baquie, one of the national biomedical engineers at VA, discussed engineering careers on our Talk About It Tuesday broadcast.

  • VA engineers make health care better for Veterans and providers

    Seeing Veterans and health providers reap the benefits of well-executed engineering projects is a reward that’s unique to VA engineers.

  • VA engineers help keep our hospitals running. Apply today!

    Throughout VA, engineers are hard at work ensuring that our […]

  • Apply your health technology skills to a career working for Veterans

    Get ready to combine service and skills in a Healthcare […]

  • Build a biomedical and clinical engineering career caring for Veterans as a VA health care technology management professional

    Medical instrumentation plays a critical role in healthcare, but only […]

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