• Live Whole Health #117: Social connection

    Social connection is essential to our Whole Health. When we live in harmony with others and through a shared community, our well-being is strengthened.

  • Innovation Revolutionaries: Working with the community to save Veteran lives

    Working with the community to save Veteran lives, innovation revolutionaries help Veterans struggling with mental health…and are just getting started.

  • Veterans needed to serve as youth mentors

    Veterans are needed to serve as youth mentors and help develop character and leadership skills in young adults in their communities.

  • Veterans: Living in a foreign country? Get your COVID-19 vaccine reimbursed

    Veterans eligible for the VA Foreign Medical Program can receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the country they reside and be reimbursed by VA. Here are the instructions, forms and information.

  • You Asked, We Answered: After COVID-19 Vaccination

    You Asked, We Answered: VA is listening to your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and hosting a blog series with answers for Veterans.

  • COVID-19 vaccine: I’m young and healthy. Do I need the vaccine?

    Your COVID-19 questions answered. VA is listening to your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and hosting a blog series on questions from Veterans. Tell us what you think.

  • Challenge America Veteran Arts Community, a new national arts initiative for Veterans

    Challenge America Veteran Arts Community, CAVARTS.org, offers an inclusive community where Veterans with an interest in the arts can support each other.

  • Five reasons you should join an online Veteran network

    Why should you join a Veterans network? Here are five quick reasons why joining a Veterans network can help you in your career.

  • Community Veteran Board helps Veterans in New York

    The Western New York Community Veterans Engagement Board works diligently to improve the lives of Veterans in the Buffalo, New York, area.

  • America’s Warrior Partnership Network connects Veterans to national resources

    America’s Warrior Partnership Network is a digital coordination platform that expands the reach of local organizations by connecting them to national resources.

  • Military Sisterhood Initiative to go live February 18

    The Military Sisterhood Initiative is a free social platform that connects women Veterans to a national peer support community.

  • Veterans Experience Action Center: how one community delivered for Veterans

    A two-day event designed to bring together community partners and VA in one building to assist Veterans that needed to know more about VA and what resources are available.

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