• Sticking it out: Acupuncture helps Veteran beat addiction

    His mechanic job in Vietnam took its toll on his back. He used morphine until VA suggested acupuncture. Today, he feels like a new man.

  • Through yoga, VA researcher aims to help female survivors of military sexual trauma with PTSD

    Now, VA investigators are examining the effectiveness of a clinical, trauma-sensitive yoga intervention to help women Veterans who experienced military sexual trauma (MST) and went on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Veterans with chronic pain are replacing opioid pain medications

    Veterans with chronic pain are replacing opioid pain medications with yoga, acupuncture, and other Whole Health approaches to care. Report reveals promising findings associated with Whole Health.

  • Biofeedback useful for headaches and other conditions

    A literature review by VA researchers highlights the usefulness of biofeedback for headache and incontinence treatment, and stroke recovery. There was less evidence for its role in other conditions.

  • Mindfulness and PTSD: What does the research show?

    Findings from clinical trials suggest mindfulness can aid in recovery from PTSD.

  • VA researcher is strong advocate for combining therapies for chronic pain

    Dr. Matthew Bair is a general internal medicine physician and VA health services researcher. His main research interest is pain management in primary care. Over the last 15 years, Bair has been part of a team that has worked to improve pain management for Veterans, particularly through combining pharmacologic (drug) and non-pharmacologic treatments.

  • Testing a Chinese mind-body exercise as a therapy for Gulf War Veterans

    VA researchers are studying whether tai chi, an ancient Chinese mind-body therapy, can help relieve the chronic pain, fatigue, and other symptoms experienced by many Gulf War Veterans.

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