• Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic: VA plays key role in identifying drugs to treat patients with the virus

    To date, more than 60 VA medical centers have been involved in trials on COVID-19 therapeutics (see sidebar), including antiviral drugs such as remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies, convalescent plasma, and immunomodulators. Other therapeutics are in the pipeline for clinical trials, but only one has received FDA approval.

  • COVID-19 Research Volunteer: John Gutierrez

    His COVID-19 symptoms are relatively light. But he sometimes experiences debilitating nausea at random.

  • VA researchers to study blood plasma for treating seriously ill COVID-19 patients

    Some 700 Veterans who are hospitalized at VA medical centers are being enrolled in the trial, with half getting convalescent plasma and the other half in a control group.

  • Veterans help VA fight COVID-19

    VA is a leader in medical research that helps Veterans and all Americans. We're also part of the national research effort to find treatments for COVID-19.

  • VA pharmacist donates blood plasma as part of efforts to find treatment for COVID-19

    Dr. Parisa Khan is a clinical pharmacist who specializes in infectious diseases at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System. As a recovered COVID-19 patient, she’s a candidate to help others who are experiencing symptoms from the disease.

  • Experimental plasma helps Vietnam Veteran recover from COVID-19

    Eastern Oklahoma VA is participating in experimental convalescent plasma therapy study. It’s hoped convalescent plasma will help people with severe COVID-19 boost their ability to fight the virus.

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