• A Compensated Work Therapy success story: From cleaning bathrooms to running a National Cemetery

    Victor Vasquez, the director of two National Cemeteries got his start in VA’s Compensated Work Therapy Program. Read his story.

  • VA compensated work therapy program saved Veteran Terry Tisdale when he was “lower than low”

    Compensated Work Therapy program starts new life for Army Veteran of 15 years. “They should call it compassionate work therapy.”

  • Army Veteran finds purpose in Adaptive Sports – and a new career

    After a quadriplegic C-spine injury left her in a wheelchair, Army Veteran Desiree Emilio-Duverge reinvented herself by embracing change, learning adaptive sports and becoming her own boss.

  • Veterans Justice Outreach Program offers hope and connectivity to justice-involved Veterans

    After his release from incarceration for drug-related offenses, Army Veteran Reginald Newkirk found stable housing with assistance from the Veterans Justice Outreach Program and its resources for Veterans experiencing homelessness.

  • Oklahoma Veterans’ second chance at career success

    Read how three Veterans … and dozens more … benefit from the Compensated Work Therapy program at the Oklahoma City VA Health Care System. Back in the work force while concentrating on their health care.

  • 63,000 Veterans benefit from VA’s Compensated Work Therapy

    This is Compensated Work Therapy Vocational Rehabilitation Week. More than 63,000 Veterans have benefited from the program each year. We salute the 1000 team members who help make it happen.

  • VA Compensated Work Therapy graduating class

    VA clinical vocational rehabilitation program gets Veterans off the streets, off drugs and in the workforce. Helps find employment opportunities for Veterans with physical and mental health challenges.

  • Compensated Work Therapy helps Veteran land dream job

    After a motorcycle crash left Army Veteran William Arnold with head-to-toe injuries, he took advantage of the VA Compensated Work Therapy program to find his dream job and improve his life.

  • Aaron Brooker – a Veteran serving those who’ve served him

    A Veteran shares his story – homeless – substance abuse – to help other Veterans get their lives back on track. Read how VA’s Compensated Work Therapy, a vocational rehabilitation program, helped.

  • Air Force Veteran had “a lot of help along the way”

    Curtis May was homeless, then in jail and tired of his lifestyle. Using several VA programs, he is now “happy and grateful” as a VA electrician – AND back in touch with children and grandchildren.

  • VA top employees who work to find Veterans work

    VA has a program that helps Veterans living with mental illness or physical impairment overcome the barriers to employment. Meet three of their people whose dedication to that goal is remarkable.

  • Army Veteran got his life – and his daughter back – thanks to VA’s Compensated Work Therapy program

    Across from Craig Robbins’ desk in his large office in the VA Palo Alto carpentry building is a picture of his daughter at her eighth grade graduation. For Robbins, pictured above, that photo is more than office décor, it’s a reminder of what pushed him to change his life for the better years ago.

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