• QuickSubmit is the new evidence intake tool for VA claims

    VA launched QuickSubmit to replace Direct Upload as the online tool to share documents with VA’s Evidence Intake Center.

  • VA updates rating criteria for musculoskeletal and muscle injuries

    In late 2017, VA began a multi-year effort to revise and update the VASRD, or VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities. The VASRD's 15 body systems had seen periodic updates, but this continuing effort reflects the first comprehensive review in 70+ years. Today, VA announced its next update: The musculoskeletal system and muscle injuries. 

  • Quick Start Guide for Modernized Veteran Appeals Decision Review now available

    The VA appeals decision review quick start guide offers Veterans more clarity and control over the decision review process.

  • Blue Water Navy Veterans received $140M in retroactive benefits in January, February

    Blue Water Navy Veterans and survivors who filed compensation claims in January and February 2020 have so far received over $140 million in retroactive benefits.

  • Blue Water Navy Veterans’ disability claims to be decided beginning Jan.1, 2020

    Blue Water Navy Veterans’ disability compensation claims now being decided. Here is what Veterans need to know about the new Blue Water Navy Act and how it may affect them.

  • October payments delayed for some Veterans

    October disability compensation, dependency indemnity compensation (DIC) and pension payments are delayed by two days for more than 27,000 beneficiaries due to a software issue. 

  • Service and sacrifice come full circle for caregivers

    There are many VA resources for Veteran caregivers such as peer support mentoring, a monthly stipend and programs emphasizing the importance of self-care.

  • Are you eligible for more VA benefits? New web matrix explains primary, derivative benefits

    To ease the understanding between a primary benefit and its derivative benefits, the Veterans Benefits Administration built a web-based Derivative-Benefits Eligibility Matrix.

  • Decision Ready Claims speeds up disability claims processing with help from VSOs

    Veterans who submit their claim under DRC with accredited Veterans service organizations can expect to receive a decision within 30 days from the time VA receives the claim.

  • VA unveils claims submission option that promises to complete claims within 30 days

    VA unveiled the Decision Ready Claims initiative, a disability claims submission option with accredited Veterans service organizations that promises to deliver faster claims decisions to Veterans and their families.

  • Claims Corner: tips for filing your VA compensation claim

    As old military injuries began to surface, filing my compensation claim quickly became a priority.

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