• Nurse recruiter: Don’t wait, start your VA career today

    Nurse Laura Sarmiento recently appeared on “Talk About It Tuesday” to discuss the numerous opportunities for nurses at VA.

  • G.I. Bill® 78th Anniversary – Paving the way for generations to come

    Today is the 78th anniversary of the G.I. Bill, which was established on June 22, 1944, to provide benefits in support of returning World War II service members.

  • Never stop learning with VA’s Employee Education System (EES)

    With over 20 major health care accreditations, the Employee Education System (EES) at VA offers boundless opportunities for self-improvement.

  • Let a VA career pay you back for school with loan forgiveness

    Through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, your career at VA could offer you an alternative to paying back some students loans.

  • Resources help Veterans with education, employment opportunities

    VA offers education and employment programs for Veterans interested in jump starting their college and career goals.

  • VRRAP helps Veterans return to the workforce

    VRRAP provides up to 12 months of tuition and fees and a monthly housing allowance to eligible Veterans who are training towards employment in a high-demand occupation.

  • Get paid work experience through VA’s National Diversity Internship Program

    Take a look inside a career at VA – and […]

  • “Tough as Nails” winner gives career advice to fellow Veterans

    Kelly “Murph” Murphy, winner of CBS’s “Tough as Nails,” discussed his own transition out of the military and gave career advice for other Veterans.

  • Veterans, active duty can take advantage of Public Service Loan Forgiveness program

    Veterans and active duty service members can get one step closer to student loan forgiveness through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

  • The three E’s: How to get your VA application to rise to the top

    Recruiters must sift through a number of applications, so focus on the things that make your application stand out.

  • Sponsorship program has positive impact for transitioning service members

    An Army Veteran says the ETS Sponsorship Program “fills a gap for service members transitioning back into civilian life. We're all working together.”

  • VA psychologists help Veterans take charge of their mental health

    Mental health care at VA empowers Veterans to take charge of their well-being and pursue fuller lives, and VA psychologists are a major part of that effort.

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