• VA, United Way, DoorDash deliver food, supplies to Veterans experiencing food insecurity

    COVID-19 forced most food shelters to switch to drive-thru service, making it difficult for Veterans facing food insecurity to receive the food they need.

  • VA, Labor Department team up to support Veteran employment

    VA and the U.S. Department of Labor are joining forces to help Veterans who are facing homelessness secure and maintain employment.

  • The 2019 Inland Empire Veteran Stand Down

    2019 Inland Empire Veteran Stand Down helps more than 200 local California Veterans.

  • Crew shoots video for ending Veteran homelessness

    A film crew was on the Biloxi VA Medical Center campus filming Aug. 8 for a two-minute piece on ending Veteran homelessness.

  • ICYMI: #ExploreVA Facebook Live event on VA programs to end homelessness

    VA representatives responded to questions following the conversation and Veterans were directed to va.gov/homeless to learn more about housing assistance.

  • HELP Veterans Village provides stable housing for homeless Veterans

    The HELP Veterans Village is a new facility located near […]

  • Breaking Down Barriers hiring event helps Veterans transition from incarceration to employment

    Image courtesy of the City of Cleveland Photographic Bureau. On […]

  • Once homeless, White House VA Hotline employee now helps others find stable housing

    Army Veteran Donald Wolfer is part of a group that makes up 90 percent of the hotline’s staff—Veterans and members of military families.

  • National League of Cities finds what works to help more Veterans secure housing: strategic landlord engagement

    Ending Veteran homelessness is a group effort — and regardless of your role in your community, you can become part of the solution.

  • Stand downs offer relief for homeless Veterans

    Regardless of the circumstances that bring Veterans and their families to living in cars and over the heating vents of the subway, it’s a fate that none of us would wish on anyone. And a problem that we all wish we could fix.

  • VA recognizes community partners, employees working to end Veteran homelessness

    Recognizing the efforts of those across VA to end Veterans homelessness, several facilities, employees and community providers are being highlighted for their work.

  • VA resources meet unique needs of at-risk or homeless women Veterans

    Today, women comprise approximately nine percent of all Veterans, and the best available official estimates suggest that they make up the same proportion of the homeless Veteran population.

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