• Community garden lets Veterans participate in recreational therapy care-farming

    Six new raised garden beds at the Honor VA Clinic in Kansas City promote healing, education, mental health and social well-being.

  • Project Sanctuary helps military families heal

    Project Sanctuary hosts Veteran and active duty families through six-day therapeutic retreats at locations across the United States. While at retreats, families participate in sessions directed at improving relationships, financial literacy and mental health.

  • COVID-19 reflection & healing at the San Antonio VA

    Employees at the San Antonio VA gathered to reflect on the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic, begin healing and honor those both lost and saved.

  • VA nurses empower Veterans with yoga and guided meditation

    Whole health programs at Roseburg VA are centered around what matters to you, not what is the matter with you. Facing your fears can be difficult but this nurse guarantees the process is worth it.

  • Operation Tohidu at Melwood offers free retreat for Veterans

    Operation Tohidu is a 108 acre retreat located at Melwood Veterans Services in Maryland. Qualifying Veterans can attend at no cost.

  • Live Whole Health: Self care episode #28 – Moments of pause

    It’s when we pause that we heal. Research conducted in 2019 showed that Americans check their phones an average of 96 times a day, or once every 10 minutes.

  • VA employee, Army Veteran discovers healing in thousand-year-old metal craft

    Fermin Lopez, an Army Veteran and VA employee, discovered healing after struggling with PTSD. The metal craft of forging helped him find his way.

  • Combat Veteran roommates share stories, healing experience at VA North Texas

    Two Veterans who had never met or seen each other in passing became temporary in-patient roommates, share stories, healing, at VA North Texas.

  • Blue Christmas addresses Veterans’ holiday stress

    Blue Christmas services are for those who struggle with emotional or spiritual pain and loneliness during the holidays. Here are excerpts from a VA chaplain’s sermon to Veterans and their families.

  • Women Veterans: Retreat healthy and healing

    Women Veterans attend Healing in Nature Retreat which promotes whole health and wellness to help women Veterans explore personal wellness goals. “My best six days since coming home.”

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