• Navy Veteran places in national poetry competition for third time

    Veteran Richard Lundy won 3rd place in poetry at the Creative Arts competition. His third win! “My English teacher would be shocked!”

  • Cochlear Implant at New Orleans VA brings the gift of sound

    Cochlear implant is improving the hearing of Army Veteran, 81, who was deafened for a week when his ears were punctured from gun explosives.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Rich

    Army Veteran Rich came to VA for help with hearing loss. To his surprise he didn’t have to travel to a Medical Center for appointments.

  • Technology and best practices help Veteran hear again

    Army Veteran Donnie Acklin lost a lot of his hearing working in the motor pool in Vietnam. Thanks to the tele-audiology program at the Poplar Bluff VA, he has his hearing back AND virtual appointments.

  • 95-year-old grandmother makes masks for Veterans with hearing loss

    Some Veterans rely on a combination of hearing aids and reading a speaker’s lips to understand conversations. Because clinicians must wear a mask, reading lips has been impossible, that is, until now.

  • Hearing Loss Services for Enrolled Veterans – No Referral Needed

    Veterans’ enrolled in VA health care are eligible for comprehensive audiology diagnostic evaluations. They may call or visit their VA audiology clinic without a referral to schedule a hearing test.

  • The sound of healing

    More than 30 million Veterans experience hearing loss. Due to […]

  • VA Improves Services Through Employee Innovation

    The VA exemplifies the principles of Open Government and innovation by building solutions to real problems and improving services for Veterans.

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