• Helpful advice for handling holiday stress

    For some, holidays are reminders of trauma and grief. Here are some tips from Pittsburgh VA on how to manage added stress this time of year.

  • Holiday discounts and gift-giving guide for Veterans

    With the holidays upon us, the following is a list of holiday discounts and gift guide options for Veterans.

  • Live Whole Health #100: Mindful holiday season

    The holiday season brings joy, happiness and often stress. There's no better time to practice mindfulness so that you can be present to manage its ups and downs.

  • Share some cheer with a fellow Veteran for the Holidays

    Veterans can share some cheer with a fellow Veteran this holiday season by sending a creative note letting them know they're not alone.

  • Fresh Focus #14: Hosting for the Holidays

    Are you hosting a holiday meal or party this year? Don’t get overwhelmed! Our Marion VA Health Care System Diabetes Educators are able to assist in the meal planning if your guests include people with diabetes in episode 14 of the Fresh Focus Podcast.

  • Fresh Focus #13: Taste of the Holidays: Meal Planning with Diabetes

    The holidays can be a magical time, but if you are a person with Diabetes, you might be worrying about controlling your blood sugar. This is a common thought, but the holidays don’t have to be a time for throwing in the towel on all the hard work you’ve done the rest of the year.

  • Safely celebrate the holidays this year

    It’s a holiday season like none other. Without endangering the health of your relatives and friends, how can you safely celebrate the holidays this year? Here are some helpful tips.

  • Serve Up Family Memories at the Table

    To ensure that your holidays are merry, here are some tips to help prevent foodborne illness from crashing your holiday or family party.

  • Blue Christmas addresses Veterans’ holiday stress

    Blue Christmas services are for those who struggle with emotional or spiritual pain and loneliness during the holidays. Here are excerpts from a VA chaplain’s sermon to Veterans and their families.

  • Helping Veterans Cope with PTSD during holidays

    For Veterans with PTSD – and their families – the holidays can be difficult. Here are some very helpful tips on how you – and your loved ones - can cope and make the season less stressful.

  • Holiday greetings from VA Secretary Shulkin

    A special thank you to Veterans, service members and their families this holiday season.

  • The importance of work-life balance

    Each holiday season, we’re reminded of how important it is […]

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