• Finding Devine intervention in ending Veteran homelessness

    Eileen Devine, national director of Health Care for Homeless Veterans, discusses the power of outreach and what you can do to help.

  • PTSD and exercise: Finding recovery through fitness

    Listen to the podcast Short Takes on Suicide Prevention on the topic of PTSD and Exercise: Finding recovery through fitness.

  • The Greatest Mission: Caring for those at risk of homelessness

    The mission of the Errera Community Care Center is to help individuals struggling with homelessness to live successfully in their communities.

  • About 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually

    VA has many ways to help you recover from alcohol disorders. Learn about the VA treatments, including support groups and specialized therapy.

  • Photos shed light on food insecurity in Post-9/11 Veterans

    The article discussed the results of an earlier study by Kamdar and colleagues that used photo-elicitation to better understand food insecurity in a group of post 9/11 Veterans with children. The researchers found that food insecurity in Veterans is highly intertwined with physical and mental health, military culture, and lack of basic resources like housing or transportation.

  • Kansas City VA teams up with community partners for PIT count

    Kansas City VA and community coalition did a PIT count and distributed hygiene and essentials to unhoused residents in the Kansas City metro.

  • VA’s THRIVe center supports Veterans settling into new neighborhoods

    Enter THRIVe. That’s shorthand for a center that VA has created to help Veterans bloom within their communities—by finding work, engaging recreation, making friends, and keeping in contact with family.

  • One year after enactment: Isakson-Roe Act

    Key accomplishments from the first year of the Isakson-Roe Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act, including assistance for homeless Veterans and Intimate Partner Violence awareness.

  • California partnership helps Veterans find justice through health care

    BayLegal – A winner in the VA National Community Partnership Challenge, providing free legal aid to low-income people including Veterans.

  • VA Chief of Staff reaffirms commitment to ending Veteran homelessness

    VA Chief of Staff Tanya Bradsher visited the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System’s (VAGLAHS) West Los Angeles campus to reaffirm the commitment to ending Veterans homelessness.

  • Extreme heat assistance available for Veterans experiencing homelessness

    As the nation grapples with record setting heat waves, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reminds Veterans and communities of various resources available to Veterans experiencing homelessness during the extreme heat.

  • VA Puget Sound brings COVID-19 vaccines to Veterans experiencing homelessness or housing instability

    In late 2020, Seattle’s VA Puget Sound Health Care System contacted community partners, such as homeless shelters, transitional housing programs and permanent housing programs to help get the COVID-19 vaccine directly to Veterans in need, such as those experiencing homelessness or those experiencing housing instability.

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